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The Actuator - November 30th

Level 17

I *may* have eaten my weight in turkey and stuffing last week. But the best part about the holiday was how I spent the better part of four days disconnected from just about everything. Disconnecting from time to time was the subject of a talk by adatole​ recently at a DevOpsDays event. Here's the video if you want to see Leon deliver a wonderful session on a topic that is important to everyone, inside and outside of IT.

Also, here's a bunch of other links I found on the Intertubz that you may find interersting, enjoy!

Great. Now Even Your Headphones Can Spy on You

As if I needed more reasons to be paranoid, apparently even my tinfoil hat won't help stop this threat.

Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall Breached

A. Full. Year.

Shift Your Point of View to When America Was “Better”

Because I love data visualizations, and so should you.

How Long Did It Take To Make Food in Ancient Times?

Pretty sure if I had to wait 20 days to make some coffee my head would explode.

Oracle Bare Metal Cloud: Top Considerations and Use-Cases

The more I read pieces like this, the more I think Oracle is a sinking ship. Take this quote for example: "we begin to see that there is a market for public cloud consumption and the utilization of cloud services". Hey, Larry, it's 2016, most of us knew there was a market 10 years ago. And telling me that your Cloud will be better than other clouds becuase...why exactly?

Ransomware Result: Free Ticket to Ride in San Francisco

Get used to seeing more attacks like this one, but more disruptive. It wouldn't take much to shut down the trains altogether in exchange for a quick payout.

Fake News Is Not the Only Problem

A bit long, and politics aside, the takeaway for me here is the sudden realization by many that the Internet may not be the best source of news.

When your team is stuck, rub a little DevOps on your process and everything will be fine:



My headphones can SPY on me?

Yuck.  Useful for CIA/FBI/NSA--and hackers/intruders/thieves/nosey people.  I don't like it.  Time to "accidentally drop the phone in the loo."


Radio City Music Hall breached?

Apparently it's time to go back to cash.


When America was "better"?

Once again, everything is measured in relative comparison to other events in other years.  This is a good eye-opener for folks who said life was better when they were kids.  Maybe some parts of life--like Mom making you breakfast, Dad playing ball with you.  But now that you're responsible for the bills, worried about your job or the environment or your kids' safety?  Play around with the sliders and see what life was like for bread-winners over the last 50 years.  I found this enlightening.


Preparing food in the (really) old times?

While the graphic on the left is intriguing, it's far too short an article to be included in The Actuator, IMHO.  Worse, being tempted by the many click-bait links isn't my idea of a good page.


Oracle Cloud:

Wait--Oracle is still "a thing?"  Just kidding--in my environment, the silos keep me from monitoring our Oracle solutions with Orion tools, therefore Oracle isn't a thing (to me) anymore.  Maybe Oracle could partner with Solarwinds and do something REALLY cool to get my team monitoring access into it, and share that wonderful single pane of glass that lets us solve problems more quickly, and prevent other problems entirely.


Sigh.  When will everyone learn?  Raise kids up correctly so they don't write/distribute this stuff.  Treat countries with respect so they don't target you for hacks.  The same thing with corporations--play nicely with everyone, whether foreign or domestic--so they WANT to work with you, not want to get even with you or tear you down.  Continually chasing the security vulnerabilities isn't a good game plan for the long term.  Sure, fixing the contrariness of people will never happen . . . until someone starts making it happen.  A long journey starts with a single step.  Until then, verify BEFORE trusting.  Or shut off your IoT and Internet connectivity, maybe start trading your travel needs for vegetables and chickens?

Beyond Fake News:

Wow.  Just wow.  This article went IN-DEPTH.  Yes, the Internet is not a trustworthy source of information.  Yes, more people turn to it for their opinions to be formed or validated.  Yes, that's a problem.  I don't see a solution until people become trustworthy, until they don't make up facts or spread rumors or lies.  How sad that is.

As always, thanks for an educational Wednesday--I look forward to the Actuator and its useful/frustrating/mind-blowing/fun/depressing stories from the Internet.  Keep it coming!

Level 20

I'm with you on the Oracle... if I have my way and SQL Server for linux is great I'll be the first to want to ditch a bunch of our Oracle/Sun Solaris machines running Oracle DB for SQL Server running on VM's on Cisco UCS hardware!

As for the news... I actually think the internet and sites like Drudge have given the main stream media a real run for their money.  I want news to be facts and since I grew up in 70's and 80's it's not the news anymore.  It's 90% opinion and 10% news being fronted as 100% news.  This is just wrong regardless of which side you're on.


can't say that oracle in the cloud is a great thing...and I'll leave it at that.

Interesting article about "Make America Great..." It teeters on the precipice of being political. However, I will add some notes: DOJ and DHHS reports state that this is the safest time in human history to be alive in regards to crime and disease.

Another polarizing point: We live in the Information Age. The internet has connected the world and traversed borders. Collectively, we are the smartest than we have ever been. Even with all of this progress we have regressed in some areas, and I reminisce over my favorite quote:

   Facts, of course, prove futile in the face of conviction.

<sigh!>  I wish my post could be more technical and light-hearted.  😞

Naw, tell it like it is.  You could've included a cute picture to lighten it up, but then we'd have to look at stuff like this:


God bless ya!

Level 14

Preparing/Waiting for food - A patient man I am not when it comes to food. Let's not get started on coffee!

When America was better - Time clouds memory and heals old wounds.... I tend to keep my rose colored glasses on the shelf.

Fake News - Welcome to the new reality of gossip. Time was two people would stand over a fence and flap their gums. Today... an internet connected device on social media.... and you gossip to the world.

Image result for pictures of online gossip

Oracle -Gee Whiz? (i think)

Ransomware/Hacks and breaches - This is our brave new world... Keeps us employed!

Image result for pictures of data breaches

sqlrockstar​ great topics as always.

There could be a discussion thread for each of these that would fill pages.

    Privacy? You increasingly need to withdraw form the modern world to protect privacy. I have lots of thoughts, I don't want to live in the cabin in the woods to prevent nations and corporations from knowing everything about me, but I think it gets worse before it gets better. I value the contribution of groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Privacy | Electronic Frontier Foundation

    When was America better? Good question. Conventional wisdom needs to be challenged. Clearly it depends on who you are talking about, and what are you concerned about today.

     Fake news and everything around it is a very real issue, and we made it ourselves. People have an incredible ability to see only what confirms their existing beliefs.

Level 12

Part of the deal with the old ways of preparing food, and this could easily apply to a great many things other than food, is that the process takes a lot of time, effort, and patience, and could still be easily disrupted by outside factors such as weather.  Most of us will never know how much we take for granted the ability to have that quick cup of coffee, the fast meal, the easy access to clean water, the free time to do other things.

Level 13

Oracle should just stick to sailing

Image result for oracle sailing pictures

Oops...."Maybe we should try cloud computing......."

Level 10

Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall Breached

This is nuts.  A. Full. Year.  Especially in today's world.  How does this happen?

Level 14

Great reads as usual.  Love reading abut the hacks specifically since they are job specific for me.  The article about fake news is well worth the read as well.

Level 14

Nobody is looking at the logs?

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