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The Actuator – June 26th

Level 17

Home after a couple weeks on the road between Cisco Live! and Data Grillen. My next event is Microsoft Inspire, and if you're attending, please stop by the booth so we can talk data.

As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!

Meds prescriptions for 78,000 patients left in a database with no password

This is the second recent breach involving a MongoDB and underscores the need for consequences to those who continue to practice poor security methods. Until we see stiffer penalties to the individuals involved, you can expect those rockstar MongoDB dev teams to get new jobs and repeat all the same mistakes.

Florida City Pays $600,000 Ransom to Save Computer Records

Never, ever pay the ransom. There's no guarantee you get your files, and you become a target for others (because now they know you will pay). Also? Time to evaluate your security response plan regarding ransomware, especially if you're running older software. It's just a matter of time before Anton in Accounting clicks on that phishing link.

AMCA Files for Bankruptcy Following Data Breach

Nice reminder for everyone that the result of a breach is your company goes out of business. Life comes at you fast.

Machine Learning Doesn’t Introduce Unfairness—It Reveals It

Great post. Machine learning algorithms are not fair, because the data they use has inherent bias. And the machines are good at uncovering that bias. In some ways, we humans have built these code machines, and the result is we are looking at ourselves in the mirror.

Microsoft bans Slack and discourages AWS and Google Docs use internally

Because the free version of Slack doesn't meet Microsoft security standards. Maybe that should have been the headline instead of the clickbait trying to portray Microsoft as evil.

Cyberattack on Border Patrol subcontractor worse than previously reported

Your security is only as strong as your weakest vendor partner. Your security protocols could be the best in the world but it won't matter if you allow a partner access and they cause the breach.

Nashville is banning electric scooters after a man was killed

This is absurd. The scooters didn't do anything wrong. They should not be penalized for the actions of a drunk person making bad choices. I look forward to the mayor banning cars the next time a drunk driver kills someone in downtown Nashville.

Words can not describe the glory that is Data Grillen:


Level 12

I come for the articles... I stay for the random photo that is always impressive!

Level 14

Thanks for the articles!  As always, very interesting stuff.  And I agree that the pics of whatever meat is also interesting.  You carnivore you!

MongoDB with open access gives me a headache. 


Level 13

thanks for the articles

Level 14

That's a fine looking grill there sir!!!! And even better looking meat!

Level 12

I wonder how big the HIPAA fine will be for the database.

Regarding Nashville, I'll bet the mayor just doesn't like the scooters and was looking for an excuse to ban them.

Level 13

That's a serious grill you've got there.

As always, thanks for a bunch of interesting links!

Having worked in a health care environment for going on twenty years, PHI is a huge watchword for us.  It's hard to imagine these individuals had no exposure to HIPAA.

It would be interesting, even beneficial, if all ransomware victims published their experiences and their actions (pay or don't pay).  And to see the results of their choices, and see how they are targeted a second and third time in the future.

If no one paid ransomes, ransomware would probably decrease.  What would be the point, outside of creating chaos and stress and regret and misery.  And some folks apparently love to do that to others.

Maybe one day our species will do a better job of identifying and correcting negative behavior.  It would certainly help as that proverbial ounce-of-protection if we provided excellent examples to each other and our children, and if we caught our children 100% of the time when they erred.

But it sounds rather Orwellian, and no one loves a police state except those at the top.

It's unfortunate for AMCA, but it benefits us all when failure is rewarded appropriately.

I never stopped to think how machine learning might easily reveal bias.  A very interesting article!

When will they put this into I.Q. tests and applications for everything?

I'm with you on the click bait implying MS is evil.  I don't need outsiders' help to infer that on my own.  But pushing me at that point of view rankles.  Can we all say "Foreign influence of U.S. elections and policy through nefarious non-news and social media influencing"?  Because that what that article felt like.

That weak-link border patrol vendor . . . Uff da!

Like the old saying goes "Love many, trust few . . . "

How strange it is that people don't study history to avoid repeating it.  Alcohol and poor choices so impaired a scooter operator that he put himself in harm's way.  I agree with you, the scooter wasn't at fault, nor the companies that rent them, nor the many other parties peripherally involved.

The operator chose to drink alcohol.  Not the fault of alcohol.

Society made alcohol available, and associated it with desirable outcomes.  Distillers and bottlers and vendors advertised it to make it attractive.  They seem to have some liability there.

But ultimately the operator chose to drink and scoot.  He paid the price.  Let everyone learn from it and change their ways.  Don't drink so much.  Or don't scoot.


MongoDB, just say no.

Level 20

That's a LOT of meat!

Level 15

Interesting set of articles.  And nice rig for the meats!!!!


Nice article

Level 7

Good job, sqlrockstar . I found this article very helpful. Keep up work, dude!

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