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The Actuator – February 20th

Level 17

This week’s Actuator comes to you live from Darmstadt, Germany - and from SQL Konferenz. If you're here, please stop me and say hello—I'd love to talk data and databases with you. And maybe some speck, too.

As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!

Google Maps’ AR navigation feature could solve the app’s biggest little problem

For someone that visits cities in other countries and has no idea about street names, I love this application of AR into Google Maps.

Sandusky, Ohio, Makes Election Day A Paid Holiday — By Swapping Out Columbus Day

This sounds great, but what would be even greater is allowing for easy access to early voting. But if America really wants to increase voter turnout, we should offer a basket of chicken wings (or bacon) to everyone that votes.

Paris seeks $14 million from Airbnb for illegal adverts

Just a quick reminder that Airbnb is to hotels as Uber is to taxis. Oh, and both companies make city living worse, not better.

Spotify will now suspend or terminate accounts it finds are using ad blockers

Because Spotify is planning on using that revenue to increase the pay for the artists. Yeah, I laughed out loud, too.

Facebook Glitch Lets You Search for Pictures of Your Female Friends

Weekly reminder that Facebook is an awful company that should be shuttered until it can be rebuilt by adults and not some kid in a dorm room at Harvard looking to hook up with girls on campus.

Why storing your Bitcoin private keys on Google Drive is a terrible idea

Then again, if you are foolish enough to be involved with Bitcoin to begin with, maybe you get what you deserve by storing your private keys with a cloud provider.

New York Wants Its Money Back From Amazon As States Turn On Corporate Tax Breaks

The best quote I saw about this story was from New York State Senator Michael Gianaris who said “Like a petulant child, Amazon insists on getting its way or takes its ball and leaves.” Good for NYC to reconsider handing billions of dollars to a company that does not need the money.

I come to Germany for the SQL, the speck, and the schweinshaxe:



Nice post


I come to Germany for the SQL, the speck, and the schweinshaxe: -


Google Maps’ AR navigation feature could solve the app’s biggest little problem - its definitely a good feature to have, especially when you are travelling.

Level 13

AR Navigation would be very cool.

Level 14

One day there will be a battle between Amazon and Google to decide who truly owns the U.S.

Level 12

Is anything surprising about Facebook or similar stepping over the line any more?

Google Augmented Reality maps . . .   Yah, cool sounding, no, not needed.  Big NO for all the theft of personal information apps like this one perform on your cell phone, browsing history, location, etc.  Frankly I'll go old school & pick up a free map from my state's D.O.T.

Columbus Day was always a bad idea when his "discovery" resulted in Europeans doing such bad things in the name of imperialism, or the church, or profit.  I'd have gone for a day celebrating indigenous peoples.

Getting a paid day to vote?  I don't find it necessary.  I can always get up early enough to make it to the polling station in time to be first in line, and get to work on time. 

Granted, there are challenges for some folks.  I don't know the answer, but another day "off" doesn't seem practical to me.  Maybe letting us vote via smart phone--IF the right securities could be made ubiquitous and free and reliable.  Maybe tied into DNA identify or other biometrics?

Lots of times businesses cross the lines for profit, citizens or states or cities react or overreact.  Sometimes I think it's all the result of there being too many people in the world.  I could be wrong.

If Air B&B is a bad thing, forbid / prohibit them or tax them out of existence.  If they're not, get over the changes they bring, or force ethical behavior.

Next dilemma?

Spotify shouldn't object to ad blockers unless we're allowed to object to ads.  They don't want blocking, we don't want ads.

Solution:  I don't use Spotify.  Easy!

That Facebook option for stalking your female friends, but not your male friends, is a pure example of bad ethics.  Mr. Z, shame on you.  Again.

Bitcoin "anything" is good?

Cloud "anything" is good?

Storing Bitcoin in the cloud is "a thing" for anyone with intelligence?

I say let those who refuse to learn from history repeat it.  Unless they're doing it with my investments or tax money.

New York & Amazon not playing nice with each other?  Each have millions of dollars at stake?


This sounds great, but what would be even greater is allowing for easy access to early voting.

Yup, the best changes give voters reasonable window of time to submit a vote, because many people lead lives where a single day is going to be tough. I do like the bacon idea.

Level 13

Another set of good articles Thanks

Level 14

This would be cool but a little weird if I used it near my house and saw myself walking towards me on my motorcycle riding past (yep I found myself on streetview).

Level 14

No.  Not having voting on a holiday.  I'd rather go away somewhere that stay near home so I can vote for any of our muppets (UK politicians and no names only to avoid getting rejected again).

Level 14

You would also have to force the people renting out their property to pay the appropriate taxes.

Level 14

Don't use spotify as I buy my music and get to chose what I want to listen to rather than just rent it and hope the money goes to the correct people.

Level 14

Facebook being sexist now.  Who would have guessed.  They really aren't behaving well are they.

Level 14

Bitcoin is a really bad idea anyway but storing your keys somewhere that is inherently insecure is even worse.  You might as well leave your house keys under a brick beside your front door in case you lose your house keys.

Level 14

Why would you want to set up in New York.  It's not as if the residents are known for their friendliness.  I really hate that accent.

Level 14

Great photo.  Now I'm hungry and want a beer.      

Level 11

Oh facebook...

Level 16

Doesn't everyone leave their spare key there? 

Level 17

That free map won't help any more than the google map does. The enhanced AR, with an arrow telling you which way to walk, is a nice advance. Also? Think about someone that is visually impaired. Having voice assisted AR would be a huge help for them, too. Now...we just need to get Google to stop collected our private data...but that's a different discussion.

Sorry that I have been incognito the past week or so. I have been at SAP GRC training. Also, last weekend it was my daughter's 12th birthday. I submit to you the best bacon-themed birthday card ever!

The best bacon birthday card ever! - YouTube

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