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The Actuator - February 12th

Level 17

This week's Actuator comes to you from Austin, as I'm in town to host SolarWinds Lab live. We'll be talking about Database Performance Monitor (nee VividCortex). I hope you find time to watch and bring questions!

As always, here's a bunch of links I hope you find useful. Enjoy!

First clinical trial of gene editing to help target cancer

Being close to the biotech industry in and around Boston, I heard rumors of these treatments two years ago. I'm hopeful our doctors can get this done, and soon.

What Happened With DNC Tech

Twitter thread about the tech failure in Iowa last week.

Analysis of compensation, level, and experience details of 19K tech workers

Wonderful data analysis on salary information. Start at the bottom with the conclusions, then decide for yourself if you want to dive into the details above.

Things I Believe About Software Engineering

There's some deep thoughts in this brief post. Take time to reflect on them.

Smart Streetlights Are Experiencing Mission Creep

Nice reminder that surveillance is happening all around us, in ways you may never know.

11 Reasons Not to Become Famous (or “A Few Lessons Learned Since 2007”)

A bit long, but worth the time. I've never been a fan of Tim or his book, but this post struck a chord.

Berlin artist uses 99 phones to trick Google into traffic jam alert

Is it wrong that I want to try this now?

I think I understand why they never tell me anything around here...


I wasn't aware streetlights were smart...much less had cameras. 

Similar in nature to the mission creep of the ring doorbells that consumers are not fully aware of.

Seems that all good ideas/technology is also used against you in some way.


The virtual traffic jam....

This is so bad and exploitable on so many levels.

You want to herd traffic through a certain corridor or route?

Create your own virtual traffic jams in several other areas to "direct" traffic through the desired corridor.

Lets see, this could be marketing so you drive by a certain series of stores/shopping areas or for other nefarious reasons.

This is where you need ground truth...listen to your local traffic reports.  If they don't report the same info then something is amiss.

Level 12

I love the description of the programmers who coded the DNC app, whether 100% true or not.


I'd like to see the content about the DNC app but not on twitter....guess google is my friend.

Level 12

Reading that in twitter format was extremely difficult for me to read.

Level 13

Thanks for the links.  The compensation analysis is depressing (when taking my region into consideration).

Level 12

I just read the Reasons to not be Famous. Very interesting to see "the other side." I won't have to worry about the piratical tips, but I can see how sqlrockstar​ would benefit from them.

Level 12

pretty wide range of topics! thanks and please keep them coming sqlrockstar​!

Level 14

Nice group of topics sqlrockstar

The article on street light cams is funny...... A camera is a camera to law enforcement... Be it ATM Camera, Ring doorbell, store cams from private sources or traffic and street light cams from public ones. The more ubiquitous these become the greater the adoption for scope/mission creep and the less likely the objection. Very soon...... privacy will be a word in the dictionary with the notation of "arcane"!

Level 12

Government is actively trying to turn the US into a surveillance state, and any promises about how collected data will be used are empty promises.

Level 20

No meat pictures this week Tom?

Level 13

Thanks for another group of great links.  The Tim Ferriss one was especially interesting.  Never heard of him (which doesn't mean much - not much on social media and all the other trappings) but he makes a bunch of interesting points and it was very thought provoking.  I've always thought fame brought at least as much heartache as it does rewards, maybe more.  I'm glad I can go anywhere I want and pretty much be guaranteed that no one will know me.

Level 12

thanks for the article

Level 13

Thanks for the Articles


Nice article


First clinical trial of gene editing to help target cancer - Its a great breakthrough


What Happened With DNC Tech - Hmm

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