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The Actuator - August 3rd

Level 17

The Rio Olympics start this week which means one thing: Around the clock reports on the Zika virus. If we don't get at least one camera shot of an athlete freaking out after a mosquito bite then I'm going to consider this event a complete disaster.

Here are the items I found most amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!

#nbcfail hashtag on Twitter

Because I enjoy reading about the awful broadcast coverage from NBC and I think you should, too. 

Apple taps BlackBerry talent for self-driving software project, report says

Since they did so good at BlackBerry, this bodes well for Apple.

Parenting In The Digital Age

With my children hitting their teenage years, this is the stuff that scares me the most.

Microsoft's Windows NT 4.0 launched 20 years ago this week

Happy Birthday! Where were you when NT 4.0 launched in 1996? I'm guessing some of you unlucky ones were on support that night. Sorry.

Larry Ellison Accepts the Dare: Oracle Will Purchase NetSuite

First Larry says that the cloud isn't a thing. Then he says he invented the cloud. And now he overspends for NetSuite. With that kind of background he could run for President. Seriously though, this purchase shows just how far behind Oracle is with the cloud.

This Guy Hates Traffic... So He's Building a Flying Car

Flying cars! I've been promised this for years! Forget the Tesla, I will line up to buy one of these.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Last weekend I found all 4 IKEA references made in the Deadpool movie! What, you didn't know this was a game?

a - 1 (4).jpg

Level 20

Oh and lolol swimmers don't put your head below water!!!  I guess that means they are supposed to swim above the water!

Level 12

Flying cars and more Deadpool! Awesome!

Oops!  I didn't see the link to today's Actuator, and just posted a mournful query for where it was . . .  Sorry!

Level 14

And tje Gold Medal for avoiding Toxic Sludge goes to.......................

iPhone separation anxiety! Ok.... isn't that normal parenting when you take the phone away??????????????  (So glad my kids are grown)...

Flyiing cars... Deadpool and Ikea..... do Wednesdays get any better?

sqlrockstar​ once again an outstanding post...


Hmmm....yet another reason to finally watch deadpool.

The flying car bit...didn't see anything to get excited about.

twitter blocked at the office....I'll have to go outside to look at it.

I agree on the toxic sludge remark​ !

Very good as always sqlrockstar​ !

Level 10


Level 11

Flying car, sounds safe.

Level 9

Raising kids in the digital age? know how much fun it is to watch you kid panic when you lose power at home and their phone has only 1% left (insert evil laugh here.....)


yes I do...and I laugh much to their dismay.

Level 12

Ok, I only caught a couple of the Ikea references when I watched Deadpool.  Guess I'll have to suffer (not really) through it again to catch the rest. 

Regarding the parenting in the digital age, I think the tech challenge for parents starts much earlier than the teen years.  A lot of kids are pretty tech savvy by age four or five now.


Need to see if I can find it in a redbox...oh wait, then I need to have time to watch it....maybe I'll have a I'm at home sick and need to watch a movie day.

Usually the Olympics has a medal the looks of things lets hope there is not a death count.


hopefully it is a medal count and not a medical count based on some of the conditions...

Level 20

Zika count o.O!


there is that too...

Level 13

remember how excited everyone was for NT 4? I can't believe that we've grown to accept shoddy development.


it has become the new norm....for those in IT it is horrendous but for the public they don't know any better therefore it is normal.

Kudos on the completion of the Deadpool/Ikea accomplishment. This is indeed a proud moment.  🙂

I used to LOVE the Olympics, especially after the '84 LA Olympics where I basically ate for free at McDonald's for 2 straight weeks (Remember that disastrous promotion from McD's?) But once they started letting pro's in, and me learning about the blatant corruption that takes place I lost all interest. Is it really true that the boating and crew are taking place in waters that are so polluted that three teaspoons ingested can land you in the hospital?

I have a 9 and a 5 year old. The technological future scares the bejesus out of me. Once they reach the teenage years I am so going to lose them to it.

I was still doing Help Desk when NT 4 came out. My proudest moment was figuring out a bug with Corel WordPerfect running on a NT workstation.


yes, some of the water ways being used supposedly have raw sewage in them.

Level 9

I am not as excited for the Olympics as I was in past games.  Maybe being from Chicago and getting snubbed during the selection process put a chip on my shoulder.  There will be a few events that I will make some effort to watch (swimming, basketball, soccer, volleyball) but that's it. 

Level 14

I remember NT4.0 all too well.  When it came out, I was teaching HP-UX, Thinnet and Thicknet for the US Navy.  I was also working part time at a local computer\networking shop.  We were doing 4.0 upgrade continuously.  Finally did my NT MCSE in 2000.

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