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The Actuator - August 24th

Level 17

Heading to Vegas on Sunday for VMWorld next week. I've got one session, a panel discussion, and I will also be hosting a Meet the Experts session. Oh, and I've also got an Experts and Espresso session as well as an in-booth session. So, yeah, it's a fairly busy week for me. That being said, if you are heading to VMWorld please stop by and say hello, I'd love the opportunity to connect with you while we are there. 

Anyway, here are the items I found most amusing from around the Internet. Enjoy!

Microsoft open sources PowerShell; brings it to Linux and Mac OS X

In related news, Hell has frozen over. From what I can tell, Hell must be full of Linux admins because those are the folks complaining the most about this announcement.

Usain Bolt and the Fastest Men in the World Since 1896 – on the Same Track

Because I love it when someone takes data and presents it in unique ways such as this post.

All the National Food Days

Did you know there are 214 "food" days during the year? Well, now you do. And don't forget September 5th is fast approaching this year!

"Daddy is Working" Light

I would get this except my kids would know on the door to ask me if I forgot to turn it of because they needed something anyway.

All Public Cloud roads lead to Hybrid Infrastructure

Some very interesting thoughts in this article. To me, the idea that a developer spins up a prototype in AWS isn't surprising, as I liken that to the enabling of Shadow IT. What surprises me is how most don't discuss the security and privacy concerns of developers taking such action. That's probably because if you do raise such questions you end up being labeled a "roadblock" to progress. 

Pentagon Has a New Data Center Consolidation Plan

If your company isn't yet in the Hybrid IT world then I just want you to know that the US entity that moves slower than molasses in already there.

65 Business Jargon Phrases to Stop Using and What Do Use Instead

This isn't even a comprehensive list, But if I were allowed an ask it would be that we don't punch a puppy with creating our own list.

Remember when Apple stores sold software? Well, this was the only software I could find the other day at my local Apple store (sorry, it's just Apple now). If Steve Jobs weren't already dead, this would have killed him for certain:



open sourced powershell ? signhell.jpg

I'd need the Grand Daddy is working light....right next to my "on air" light for my ham station.

214 national food wonder my belt keeps getting tighter.

Ahh..but International Bacon Day is coming up 9/3/16

Bacon Awareness.JPG

I still have others to read...

Thanks for the weekly ponderings sqlrockstar​ !

Level 20

lololol Apple software store!  Run windows on your MAC... or he would have hated even worse that since they switched to Intel CPU's that you can run MAC OS inside VMware with a little trickery.

Small wonder Linux admins aren't happy.  Who wants Microsoft in their corner, chewing up all the goodness?

Leveraging skills in graphics and statistics gives others new appreciation for comparisons between Olympic runners.  I like this a lot.

When someone comes up with "National Braunschweiger and Frosted-Flakes-in-Whole-Milk Day", I'm there!

Look out for that "Daddy is working" light.  You know someone will break the bounds of propriety and turn it into a "Daddy is getting busy" light when Mommy gets home.  Stay away from TMI!

If Hybrid Infrastructure is the logical end point of all Public Cloud roads, do we know that Google and other major cloud players use Hybrid Infrastructure?  I thought Google built all their own proprietary hardware, which doesn't necessarily mean it's hybrid to me.


I never felt the Pentagon is terminally slow or behind the curve.  Instead, it spends money wherever someone or some group has sufficient interest and political clout.  Similarly, if someone or some group stands to make more money by dragging their heals towards change, then change won't happen.  "Follow the money."  Those of you who lived through Watergate know what that phrase means.

Jargon actually has its place.  And some of it's much more interesting and enjoyable than the boring description that might be used instead.  I'm not for jargon--not after dealing with Cisco-ese for these past 20 years.  And not after seeing what the military has come up with, with no good reasons that I can see.  But some jargon actually cuts through the fog nicely.  For example, "Drink the Kool-Aid" doesn't mean "I agree and support you", as is suggested in this article.  It means "Blindly do what I say, trust me, and get on board with my terrible idea."  That what happened in Guyana, and it's the lesson to remember.  Let's not criticize or paraphrase jargon when it serves a great purpose with its attached context.  Losing that context lessens our communication and requires longer phrases to share the same intent.

Level 15

I uso products MS,because here in Brazil for user  Apple, the people need a plot money.

Ex: A notebook is $ 2500,00 in USA  here  a people need to buy R$= 12.000,00 <=> $= 4000,00     stole me all day. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Ya know... I still miss my Egghead software store for my Mac 610e. I loved that thing! And thanks for pointing out that we have waaaay too many national food days. Obscene...

As for Hell, it is a town in Michigan and my co-worker provides me with directions frequently. 🙂

Level 11

Yeah, he's definitely rolling in his grave over that one.


rschroeder​ I am with you about "National Braunschweiger day"

Level 10

A lot of linux users may become a bit grumpy because of this now.

CoffeeIceCream Day on Sept. 6. mmmm My favorite two addictions. Coffee to keep me awake, ice cream to make me feel better all while I casually change the scale so that it will always be showing 10 kg's less then the persons actual weight.

I think this is one of my favorite captions from all the pictures taken of Usain Bolt so far:


Level 11

Andddd someone just said bleeding edge at work...

Level 20

I thought you'd appreciate this lol:


Level 14

The business jargon phrases would lend themselves well to catch phrase bingo.

Level 12

Mmm, Bacon Day.  Wait, isn't that supposed to be every day?  Everything is better with bacon, so every day must therefore be better with bacon.

No thanks for powershell on Mac or Linux.

Level 14

I think I read somewhere that everyday was bacon day....i know I did!

Jargon..... if we got rid of it.... What would the professional credit takers (aka... Marketers) say or do?

Powershell on Linux.... probably not...

Correction... Steve Jobs is spinning like a centrifuge in his grave.... yikes!!!

Level 13

Bacon solves everything and should be a staple in everyone's diet

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