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The Actuator - April 19th

Level 17

I missed a milestone announcement! The Actuator celebrated its one-year anniversary last week! I created this series as a fun way to keep in touch with everyone here on THWACK on a weekly basis. I never thought I would manage to keep it going, every week, for a full year. Thanks to everyone for their support. Here's to another year of mindless links!

In unrelated news, I'm putting the finishing touches on my slides for the Salt Lake City SWUG next week. I hope you get the chance to stop by and say hello.

As always, here's a handful of links from the intertubz I thought you might find interesting. Enjoy!

Printed titanium parts expected to save millions in Boeing Dreamliner costs

Not sure how I feel about flying in an airplane that was made on a 3D printer. I'm also wondering what this means for the future of manufacturing.

A New, More Rigorous Study Confirms: The More You Use Facebook, the Worse You Feel

Pretty sure Zuckerburg is going to unfriend Harvard after reading this article.

Microsoft Says Users Are Protected From Alleged NSA Malware

This seems to be a common trend lately: Hackers release information and companies respond by saying that if everything is okay if you are up to date with patches. I can't help but feel we are pawns in a much larger game.

Architecting Microsoft SQL Server on VMware

For all the people that have ever told me "virtualizing database servers is hard," I present to you the upgraded guidelines from VMWare. SPOILER ALERT: It's not that hard to virtualize your database workloads.

Nintendo Discontinues the NES Classic Edition

Because it was too popular, apparently.

Early Macintosh Emulation Comes to the Archive

Since we are walking down memory lane with the NES, here's a look at what Macintosh used to look like.

Emoji for fun and profit

This video with the CTO of Slack runs 30 minutes, but for anyone that has wondered about the history of emoji, it's worth a view. I can't be the only one, right?

As the kids scoured my yard for eggs yesterday afternoon I found myself thinking this exact thought:


Level 14

A great anniversary edition!!

Nintendo NES Classic - Miss all those times I played Mario Brothers,Tetris and Zelda....

MAC emulation - oh boy!!!

Boeing Dreamliner - I echo your hesitation sqlrockstar​ on flying in a plane with parts made by a 3-D printer. (Let's hope the oxygen masks and floatation devices went the normal manufacturing route...

Love the Easter Egg thing - note: It goes fror grandkids too!

Great stuff as always!

Level 13

Nintendo was my first console gaming system...
Level 16


Level 18

3D printing of aircraft structural parts...yet another step of SCI-Fi into reality...fabbers.

The fact that they are already printing nozzles for turbine engines shows how far it has come along.

Level 21

Printing Titanium:

     It'll be "interesting" to see the practical stress tests and life of printing airplane parts.  I hope it's all for the better, and doesn't reduce cost at the expense of reliability.  Star Trek replicator technology seems to be sneaking closer & closer.  Makes me wish I'd be alive in another hundred years to (hopefully) see it deployed widely.  May it all be stronger than the original materials, and not just cheaper!


Facebook Is A Downer:

     I agree with this study's findings, and I wish all FB users would read them.  Much about the FB environment is similar to that found in public schools, from elementary through middle school and up into high school.  Tentative friendships, mindless & thoughtless lashing out, clique creation & exclusion of people with opinions and experiences different than yours.  Searching for feelings of approval through positive comments and likes and emoji's in FB is one way of life, but obviously not the best for those of us who are able to get out and about and experience actual physical interaction with diverse groups of people.  Cyber-bullying is rampant in FB, due in part to poor morals and ethics of some users, and this extends into the actions of "responsible" adults, who feel no responsibilities due to the anonymity and distance / isolation & protection that FB can provide.  Like that anonymous driver you cut off on the freeway, or who cut you off, which would rarely happen in a face-to-face encounter in the real world, interacting with others via computer is not a solid solution for immature / irresponsible / anti-social folks who have closed minds.

When folks can easily & anonymously send these kinds of messages, it hurts us all:


Microsoft Protects Us From The NSA?

     If you believe this, can I sell you a gold brick, or ownership of the Brooklyn Bridge, or "prime real estate" in Florida?  When the Patriot Act enabled the protections of the Constitution to be set aside, and when the government forced the major telecommunication providers to send all their feeds through a locked / isolated room with black box data tapping & duplication hardware put inline, you're not "safe" from the NSA.  The same goes even more for wireless communications.  Don't kid yourself.  Your data's safe when it's physically isolated and backed up and nothing and no one can touch it.  Including users.  Ridiculous, right?


SQL on VM:

     This goes a long way towards remedying issues similar to those we saw back when virtual computing first started, when stand-alone servers were the norm, and when VM solutions were poorly understood and incorrectly deployed with incorrect resources assigned to them.  I look forward to this bringing cost reductions and improved performance and easier monitoring & troubleshooting in the future.

It'll all be about "Honey, I shrunk the data center!"


Nintendo Goof:

     Of COURSE Nintendo removes a popular gaming solution.  My guess is that it's not bringing in as money income as its replacement, and it's all about money & reproduction activities.  Will they also emulate the problems that NES Classic users experienced?


Archived MAC Emulation:

     I supported MAC OS versions 6-9 back in the 90's & early 2000's.  There's no desire to go back to chatty traffic, AppleTalk, EtherTalk, dot-matrix printers, and all the clunky performance and poorly deployed apps.  For a trip down memory lane, this might work as a nostalgia generator.  But seriously, there's more interesting and fun and productive ways to spend your time online.  Actually, who needs more online time?  Go for a walk with someone interesting and talk & grow your interpersonal relationship skills.  A single AppleTalk connector required this:


The Point of Emoji Creation:

     Imagine Emoji's actually taking over ALL communication . . .  Have you ever seen a Chinese Typewriter?  It's essential got a key for every pictograph commonly used for communication, but some apparently have to be overwritten multiple times by different keys, to get the right structure.  I don't see anyone doing 90 words per minute with zero errors on one of these.


Level 13

SQL on VM:

Its easy, just don't fall!!!!!!!

Related image

Level 13

Looks like a great bridge for my jeep...

Level 17

SQL on a VM is easier than that bridge.

Level 13

Now I know why I'm not a DBA.  Opened the SQL on VMware document until I realized that it was 53 pages.  I'll just wing it.  :-D

Level 16

#1. My kid's were horrible when it came to finding Easter eggs. At one point I felt like a bad kids sports coach. "C'mon! It's right there!"

#2. The Facebook report is spot on and I became a victim of it. So I started following certain FB entities: Kid President, Chive Charities, etc. They helped balance out the negativity.

Level 21

My kids were into it (as was I when I was little), but my nephew wasn't into it at all--until I suggested there were unusual surprises inside the plastic eggs.  That did the trick for him, and off he went to discover them.

The unusual surprises?  Sliced grocery store mushrooms.  Go figure--he thought it was incredible!

Level 13

ummm...mushrooms? mean!

here kid, have an egg with fungus that grows in poop...


Level 21

Yep.  Absolutely!  He thought they were hilarious.

I wonder if the rise of retro pie and other emulation has really eliminated the demand for the NES Classic?

Level 13

That is what I did when I couldn't get a classic, but its not something that an average person would do. What I expect is that the SNES classic is coming this fall so they stopped this one to make people want it more.

Level 13

I can't imagine his face on his first one...

Level 12

Great reads. Thanks. On the 3D printer topic, we were debating why printer companies don't give large customers a 3D printer on-site for all the little plastic bits that constantly break on the cheaper commercial printers? We used to have printers out for days because of tiny little cogs and clips that can probably easily be printed with a half-decent 3D printer. The faulty printer could probably be programmed to tell the 3D printer to print the part before the technician even knows it's kaput. Hmmmmm...... might have to pitch that one to HP and Lexmark or call me if you're reading this

Level 14

Perfect timing to link to that VM doc on SQL server - just as I'm starting the process of talking to our DBA's about Solarwinds

Level 21

The first couple facial expressions were priceless--highly confused, but very-much-appreciating the weirdness of it all.

Level 13

i've tested DPA, and I'm hooked...I just need a few thousand dollars...does anyone want to make a donation??


Level 13

Love DPA.  Just received our renewal quote for about 1500 SQL and 200 Oracle licenses.  Glad I'm not the one paying for it.

Level 14

No, they can't retire the NES.  Good thing we have emulators.

Level 9

My concern over printed titanium aircraft parts is strength.  Will the be as strong as parts made through the conventional process?

Level 12

I still have my original NES.

Level 14

Definitely over kill one the emogis.

Level 21

My first gaming system was an Atri 2600; when I first saw a Nintendo my mind was blown and I had to have one.

Level 21

I find it a bit crazy that there are still folks that don't think you can virtualize SQL Server.  We have been doing it for years without any issues.  It certainly takes a bit of optimization for the more active databases but it certainly isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

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Thomas LaRock is a Head Geek at SolarWinds and a Microsoft® Certified Master, SQL Server® MVP, VMware® vExpert, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has over 15 years experience in the IT industry in roles including programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator.