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Ten Technologies Every Network Engineer Should Know - #5 VMWare - and BTW, Hello from VM World 2010!!!

Level 12

OK, so maybe VMWare isn't a technology. VMWare is a company and the technology is virtualization, but I want to be specific. If you're in IT, anywhere on the infrastructure side - network engineer, system administrator, storage administrator, etc - you need to learn about VMWare's technologies in the virtualization space. The more you learn the better. This is fantastic technology and it's getting better every day. In this geek's opinion, there isn't a more important technology to be on top of for the next 5-7 years and it will continue to be a core part of IT infrastructure for the next 10-15.

Not only is it important technology that our companies will be leveraging within our datacenters but it's some pretty darn cool stuff. The tools that are available, the scripting you can do, the tweaking you can learn - it's a geek's dream.

The downsides of not learning about virtualization? Well, besides missing the chance to ride the most significant technology wave of the decade to heightened personal and finanical success - you'll be left scratching your head when the changes that virtualization is causing to the rest of your infrastructure cause you to have a band new set of problems. Just imagine that the computing density in your datacenters just went up by 50X and think about the bottlenecks you're going to have in LAN bandwidth, SAN IO, and storage space. And I haven't even mentioned VDI yet...

So, am I out in San Francisco at VM World 2010 drinking the Kool-Aid? Well, maybe so but nonetheless I standby my opinion.

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Level 15

Certainly a significant benefit as it is everywhere!

Level 12

Virtuallization is where it is at. VMware is great, but there are a few other competing technologies just around the corner.