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THWACKcamp 2018 Preview – The Seven Samurai of SQL Server Data Protection

Level 17

I’m sure you’re intrigued by the title of this THWACKcamp 2018 session (as you should be).

So, what exactly does the classic movie “The Seven Samurai” (which inspired the recent remake “The Magnificent Seven”) have to do with data protection? Well, quite a lot, as it turns out. After watching “The Magnificent Seven,” it dawned on me that there are striking similarities between the villagers and the way data is protected.

During this session, “The Seven Samurai of SQL Server Data Protection,” I’ll be joined by InfoAdvisors Senior Project Manager and Architect Karen Lopez as we break out seven different features that can help safeguard your data. Whether it’s data at rest, data in use, or data in motion, your data needs protection.

We’ll be highlighting key features of SQL Server, as well as defining how each of these features can be applied to the three different types of data. Transparent Data Protection, Dynamic Data Masking, and AlwaysEncrypted are just some of the features that we’ll look into and walk you through, so you can strike down data attackers at a moment’s notice.

Don’t want to miss this session or any of the others offered during THWACKcamp 2018? Well, then don’t! The event is entirely free and features SolarWinds Head Geeks and IT experts in a wide range of fields discussing the topics most relevant to you. You can even chat with these tech dynamos during the event! Be sure to register for this premier, online IT event, happening October 17 – 18.


In The Seven Samurai, Feelings might just be equivalent to our Data.



Level 13

Sounds like a great session.  Signed up and looking forward to it.

Level 14

Looking forward to it.

Level 16

Definitely attending this one.

Level 13

Can't wait

Level 20

Many of us now have requirements for encrypted data at rest.

Can't wait to watch this one!

About the Author
Thomas LaRock is a Head Geek at SolarWinds and a Microsoft® Certified Master, SQL Server® MVP, VMware® vExpert, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has over 20 years experience in the IT industry in roles including programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator.