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THWACKcamp 2017 - Extend Your APM Strategy

Level 13

IT organizations are embracing hybrid IT because these services and technologies are critical to enabling the full potential of an application’s disruptive innovation. Although change is coming fast, the CIO’s mission remains the same: keep the app healthy and running smoothly. It’s time for application performance management to extend its strategy and practice to handle the modern application’s needs.

In the "Extend Your Modern APM Strategy" session, I will be joined by a panel of SolarWinds product experts, including Jerry Schwartz, director of product marketing, Robert Mandeville, product marketing manager, product managers Steven Hunt, Chris Paap, and Chris O'Brien, and Dan Kuebrich, director of engineering. We will explore the five elements of a modern approach to APM, including product demonstrations. The session will cover concepts from WPM to response-time analysis. After attending this session, you will have a better understanding of what an APM approach entails and the technologies that are available to support each of the five fundamental aspects of APM.

After attending this session, you will have a better understanding of what a comprehensive APM strategy entails and what technologies are available to support each of the five elements.

THWACKcamp is the premier virtual IT learning event connecting skilled IT professionals with industry experts and SolarWinds technical staff. Every year, thousands of attendees interact with each other on topics like network and systems monitoring. This year, THWACKcamp further expands its reach to consider emerging IT challenges like automation, hybrid IT, cloud-native APM, DevOps, security, and more. For 2017, we’re also including MSP operators for the first time.

THWACKcamp is 100% free and travel-free, and we'll be online with tips and tricks on how to your use SolarWinds products better, as well as best practices and expert recommendations on how to make IT more effective regardless of whose products you use. THWACKcamp comes to you so it’s easy for everyone on your team to attend. With over 16 hours of training, educational content, and collaboration, you won’t want to miss this!

Check out our promo video and register now for THWACKcamp 2017! And don't forget to catch our session!

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Uh, er, um . . .  Did you really mean to write that?  "enabling the full potential of an application’s disruptive innovation"?

I mean, sure, the application may BE very disruptive.  But we typically don't see someone admit that during the innovation stage.  Usually it's the users who point it out after a change is forced on them that they don't like or appreciate.  No matter that they may rely on it in a year--it's that the new thing is a problem TODAY for them.

I'd have expected this instead:  "enabling the full potential of an application’s innovation."

Level 12

Wow, What a post! kong.yang


Sounds interesting.


An odd way of wording it, but real innovation is often disruptive otherwise it's just a "bit of a change." Real innovation disrupts the "norm" and causes people to rethink.

Level 10

Disruptive innovation is a business term that refers to the disruption of the sector, not the users.

Disruptive innovation - Wikipedia

The thinking is that a sector will go back and forth between a few key players that make incremental improvements in a product.  Someone comes along with a brand new product that is better in every way than the original, disrupting the existing marketplace.  This innovation will then become the norm, with a few key players making small improvements until there's a new innovation.  Think typewriters to PCs or Cathode Ray displays to LCD Displays.

One day, maybe Application Performance Management will be totally automated, comprehensive, based in standards, and secure.

Oh, and intuitive.

And easy.

And it'll automatically update as apps are applied, patched, discarded, morphed, replaced.

And it'll become less and less expensive.

. . . sigh . . .

We could spend a full day breaking down APM and still not get halfway. I tweak my monitors to cover all the possibilities and I the durn app still finds a new way to surprise me. In all honesty I really need to delve into AppStack a bunch more and mold that into a productive deliverable for my Service Owners. I keep kicking that can down the road for some reason.. when I shouldn't. I am looking forward to this session!

Level 20

I'll be there for sure on this one!


Just looked carefully at the photo. Yes, Yes, Yes, sign me up Automatic Pancake Maker. Sounds like a good mission item or Thwack Store item. Can you imagine sitting that right next to your coffee maker with both of them have built-in timers! Wow, wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and hot pancakes.

Level 12

Interesting APM

Level 21

It's become very clear to me that the term "hybrid IT" does not mean the same thing to everybody.  Monitoring what I consider to be hybrid IT has become a huge problem.  Monitoring our on-prem stuff is pretty easy as those capabilities have been around for a long time but when we go to cloud based services that aren't IaaS such as PaaS and SaaS then I really run into trouble.  It's actually the PaaS that I struggle with the most as the SaaS stuff there is less of an expectation but things like Azure AD and Azure SQL have really become a problem for me.

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