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THWACKcamp 2017 - Executive BabelFish: The Reports Your CIO Wants to See

Some reports from your IT monitoring system help you do your job—like auditing, troubleshooting, managing resources, and planning. There are also reports that you create to let your boss know how the IT environment is performing, such as enterprise-level SLAs, availability/downtime, and future-proofing. But what exactly does senior management really need to know, and why?

In the "Executive BabelFish: The Reports Your CIO Wants to See" session, you’ll hear from SolarWinds CIO Rani Johnson, Director of IT, SANDOW, Mindy Marks, Kinnser Software CTO Joel Dolisy, and me, SolarWinds Head Geek Patrick Hubbard. We will present relevant information and how it is used.

THWACKcamp is the premier virtual IT learning event connecting skilled IT professionals with industry experts and SolarWinds technical staff. Every year, thousands of attendees interact with each other on topics like network and systems monitoring. This year, THWACKcamp further expands its reach to consider emerging IT challenges like automation, hybrid IT, cloud-native APM, DevOps, security, and more. For 2017, we’re also including MSP operators for the first time.

THWACKcamp is 100% free and travel-free, and we'll be online with tips and tricks on how to your use SolarWinds products better, as well as best practices and expert recommendations on how to make IT more effective regardless of whose products you use. THWACKcamp comes to you so it’s easy for everyone on your team to attend. With over 16 hours of training, educational content, and collaboration, you won’t want to miss this!

Check out our promo video and register now for THWACKcamp 2017! And don't forget to catch our session!


This should be a good one !

Level 21

Oh crap, this reminds me that my manager just recently asked me to look into start generating some "Machine Learning or AI type analytics" from our monitoring system (Orion).  I just nodded and said okay but I really have no idea what he wants. 

Level 10

I'm not sure it means anything at all.  Just run a bunch of dashboards, Alert Screens, and canned reports through Deep Dream and send the results to him...


Should be a good session to attend. Though it maybe difficult to generalize what CIO's want

Meaningful Dashboards for Executives

There have been many threads on thwack that have raised this point. So should be a good starting point.

Getting them what they need to make good decisions?  Isn't that what Solarwinds is all about?

Not blowing them away with too many reports--that's what WE'RE all about.

Level 13

Can't wait!!!!!!

Orrrr... the reports that I want my CIO to see! 

   Can't wait for ThwackCamp 2017!!!


Level 20

pHubb always puts on a good show!  Thank goodness I finally got the text messaging going again for all the labs!  It was bad when all the content lists started blocking the service provider.


So what is 'SANDOW'?

Level 14

Would have been nice to see some real world examples instead of some fluffy statements and generalisations.  This was probably the most disappointing session (or I didn't understand what it was intended to be).

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