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Storage Manager and anti-virus software

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Most people use some type of anti-virus software on their servers to protect against unwanted invasions. Having anti-virus security is good yet it can also come with a caveat when running in parallel with Storage Manager software. The problem we could encounter is file locks caused by real time scans and other security options such as blocked ports. This can cause problems with Storage Manager and monitoring. To get around this issue it is recommended to configure anti-virus software to avoid scans of the Storage Manager software and database.

It is recommended to add exclusions to your anti-virus and intrusion detection software when it is running on the same sever as Storage Manager.


Storage Manager Server for Windows Exclusions:

  • Install Directory\Storage Manager Server\agent\systemic
  • Install Directory\Storage Manager Server\agent\administrative
  • Install Directory\Storage Manager Server\mariadb

                 Note: Storage Manager versions 5.6 and newer use MariaDB. For previous versions, MySQL is used. For versions prior to 5.6, substitute MySQL for MariaDB

  • C:\Windows\Temp

Storage Manager Agent for Linux Exclusion:

  • Install Directory/Storage_Manager_Server/agent/systemic
  • InstallDirectory/Storage_Manager_Server/agent/administrative
  • Install Directory/Storage_Manager_Server/mariadb

Storage Manager Agent for Windows Exclusion:

  • Install Directory\Storage Manager Agent\systemic
  • Install Directory\Storage Manager Agent\administrative

Storage Manager Agent for Non Windows Exclusion:

  • Install Directory\Storage_Manager _Agent/systemic
  • Install Directory\Storage_Manager _Agent/administrative

Port Exclusions:

Your anti-virus software must allow access to the following ports:

  • TCP 4319
  • UDP 162, 10162, 20162
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