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SolarWinds to Donate Funds and 1,000 Employee Volunteer Hours for Hurricane Florence Relief

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SolarWinds has committed $75,000 to support American Red Cross, All Hands Volunteers, and the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina in their disaster relief efforts assisting communities affected by Hurricane Florence. In addition, SolarWinds will match U.S. employee donations to these organizations through October 31, 2018 on a $1 for every $1 basis.


SolarWinds has also committed a minimum of 1,000 employee volunteer hours over the next six months to organizations who will continue recovery and rehabilitation efforts, including The American Red Cross, All Hands Volunteers, and the United Way of Coastal Carolina. Employees will be able to contribute up to one week of their time without impact to their paid time off. SolarWinds is also supplying temporary housing and local aid to affected employees.

All of us at SolarWinds encourage THWACK members to join us in contributing to these organizations – whether you are able to give funds, or volunteer your time, your gifts are critically important to assist communities impacted by the disastrous flooding caused by Florence.

To donate money to Hurricane Florence relief, please visit:

To assist with volunteer efforts, please visit:

If you have any questions about the SolarWinds #GeeksThatGive response to Hurricane Florence, please reach out to or @jennebarbour.

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Good to see SolarWinds taking positive action. 

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Thumbs UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You all are the bomb.  Thanks!

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Good idea Jenne!

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That is awesome!

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Terrific idea... any way we could donate our points to help SW in their efforts?

I imagine SolarWinds monitoring flood levels, electrical outages, storm damage, wind speeds and directions in one system.

Another SW system monitors and alerts on human anguish, lost children/family/friends, injuries, fire, etc.

And a benevolent government following SLA and Predictive standards to head off needs from being late (Reactive).  Oh, boy--did I buy into that training years ago hook, line, and sinker!

Level 10

Hi George! We've talked about this idea before, and haven't yet landed on the best way to make that happen. The best way to have a positive impact now is to donate time or money directly to groups supporting these recovery efforts. Thanks for reaching out!

Level 10

These are amazing ideas! For IT Pro Day this year, we asked tech pros how they would apply technology to solve the world's problems, and I LOVE your suggestions!

Throw in more resource monitoring, to be forwarded to city, county, state, and federal agencies.  Things like:

  • Law enforcement resource status
    • Police department offices available vs. unavailable due to flooding, fire, power outage, etc.
    • Police staffing levels, overtime hours, exhaustion of officers and administrators
  • Emergency management resources availability versus being tied up in responses
    • Fire department
      • Equipment resources
      • Human availability (how many firefighters were available pre-emergency versus how many are available during the problem event)
      • Access to gasoline/diesel to keep equipment running
    • National Guard availability, including bodies and equipment, where they are now, where they were yesterday/last week/last month, where they are predicted to be
    • FEMA response teams
      • Where they are
      • How many were assigned
      • How many boots are on the ground
      • What resources do they have available
        • Clean water to distribute
        • Food to distribute
        • Generators to provide
        • Pumps available versus deployed--and WHERE they are at any given moment
        • Blockers--is someone playing politics with resources based on economic neighborhoods or racial characteristics?  Tracking this with SW probably isn't directly possible due to measurement challenges, but there should be places for notes to be added for rescue and response efficiency
  • Funds coming, funds spent, funds unspent
  • Estimated funds required

I wouldn't want to be responsible for the overview and management of preventing, preparing for, responding to, and cleaning up after--any disaster.  But folks have those jobs.  At a minimum, every person (chief, managers, worker bees, and those who are being helped) should be given access to polling and evaluation tools to measure response and improve performance in the future.

Bravo! Once again SolarWinds rises to the occasion with community service. You guys truly are awesome.    

Level 16

In my state with all the tax that gets collected it doesn't seem like much ends up being spent on the roads as they are horrible and then to top that off a union dispute is currently going on so the roads that are currently torn up are simply closed.

I don't know the solution, other than raising "better" kids who are exposed to selflessness and altruism.  And exposing all parts of the system to the light of day and fresh air.  It's amazing what an unbiased newspaper or television reporting crew can do to correct problems with waste and need, corruption or nepotism, or to shine light on unsung heroes working hard to make life better for others.

I'm a firm believer in improving the world through seeing every kid earns a high school diploma, and that every person has affordable and convenient access to good health care.

When I used to worry about insurance / health care, I wasted too many cycles on it, built up an ulcer, and did no good for myself or others.  When I'm surrounded by ignorance, I'm the one who has to drop what I'm doing to put out its fires and bring good ideas to folks who had no clues.

SolarWinds is kind of like that--shining light on what was dark, giving places for us to focus our efforts as we triage and improve systems and monitoring.  I guess we need a SolarWinds for taxes & government, for waste and efficiency, for great performers and for poor ones.

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Well Done.