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SolarWinds to Donate Funds and 1,000 Employee Volunteer Hours for Hurricane Harvey Relief

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SolarWinds has committed $75,000 to support The American Red Cross of Central & South Texas Region, All Hands Volunteers, and Feeding Texas in their disaster relief efforts assisting communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. In addition, SolarWinds will match U.S. employee donations to these organizations over the next 30 days on a $2 for every $1 basis.


SolarWinds has also committed a minimum of 1,000 employee volunteer hours over the next six months to organizations who will continue recovery and rehabilitation efforts, including The American Red Cross, All Hands Volunteers, the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, and any of the National Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster [NVOAD] partner organizations. Employees will be able to contribute up to one week of their time without impact to their paid time off.

All of us at SolarWinds encourage THWACK members to join us in contributing to these organizations – whether you are able to give funds, or volunteer your time, your gifts are critically important to assist communities impacted by the disastrous flooding caused by Harvey.

To donate money to Hurricane Harvey relief, please visit:

To assist with volunteer efforts, please visit:

If you have any questions about the SolarWinds #GeeksThatGive response to Hurricane Harvey, please reach out to or jennebarbour​.

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I live in Brazil, say me if  can I help us remotely ?



You folks are doing a great job ....


Wow !! 

I have seen some great outpouring of support from many businesses, but this is one of the best.

The Salvation Army is another great organization during these disasters as like the Red Cross, more of the money goes to where it is needed and not tied up in administrative overhead like the United Way.

For anyone (especially in Texas) go give blood,

While there is a great amount of support will still be needed a few weeks from now when everyone has to go back to work.....

Huzzah! Huzzah!

     When I read stuff like this it makes me proud to be associated with such a great company like Solarwinds.

And this, right here, is proof positive that SolarWInds Incorporated are a class act. Raising awareness of the needs of those in Texas, to what is a global community, is awesome.

My business can't match SWI's generosity, but we have donated $100 to the American Red Cross' hurricane Harvey relief fund. I challenge you, Thwackers, to urge your businesses to also give what you can, to whichever organisation they feel apropriate!


Level 20

Helping out others in your community is always good.  It's also kinda how people in Texas are to begin with.  There are states I really love and others I couldn't even imagine living in... Texas and Arizona are two states I really like!  I'll leave out the states I don't like and why.

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Hi cjfranca​! Your help would be greatly appreciated! Links are above for the organizations we're working with, and we encourage you to participate however you're able. Thanks on behalf of all of us at THWACK and SolarWinds!

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Thanks,​ - we're just doing what we can. It's the #GeeksThatGive way.

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Great ideas, Jfrazier​! The NVOAD list is a wonderful resource - and The Salvation Army is part of it. So many fantastic organizations mobilize during times of great need, and whether it's time, money, or as you noted, blood, we can all jump in and help out our neighbors. And you're absolutely right - the need won't subside in a few weeks. These organizations will be working hard for years to come, and will need help throughout that time.

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Thanks, tinmann0715​! We're glad you think so - but we're even more glad to help.

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Hey there, silverbacksays​! EVERY bit helps - it all adds up. We're so glad to see so many THWACK members just as committed to helping as we are. Keep it up!

Level 10

We're pretty fond of Texas ourselves, ecklerwr1​. And we're really excited to help our neighbors here.

Level 20

My sister was born in Dallas... Texas is a great state!

My Heroes!

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Thanks, rschroeder​ - but our THWACK members are our heroes. Especially all the ones we've heard from who are donating and volunteering.

If there were a way for Harvey's victims to benefit from Thwack points, I know someone with 30k or 40k to spare . . .  T-shirts?  Cups?

Is there a process to donate Thwack points and convert them into SW Swag to give to Harvey victims?

Level 10

rschroeder​ I know wabbott​ and DanielleH​ are mobilizing THWACK gear for Harvey survivors, so they would be the best folks to ask. Ladies?

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You guys ROCK!!

I'll use this to get my co-workers involved...

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I really appreciate when a company steps outside of it's walls to help. Thanks you guys.

Level 10

That's awesome, familyofcrowes​! We LOVE to see all the THWACK member engagement in helping out those impacted by Harvey!

Level 10

Thanks, tallyrich​ - it's the right thing for all of us to do.

Level 12

Thank you all for your help. Our prayers go to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Thanks for all you are doing to assist.  I lived in the Rockport Texas area for 14 years and graduated from Rockport Fulton High School.  My parents stayed a total of 25 years in the area before moving back to San Antonio.  The amount of damage in Port Aransas, Ingleside, Aransas Pass, Estes, Rockport, and Fulton is almost too much for a mind to process.  I have friends down there right now picking up the pieces of their homes, businesses, and lives.  Almost all are still without power, natural gas, and water.

The amount of damage in Port Aransas, Ingleside, Aransas Pass, Estes, Rockport, and Fulton is almost too much for a mind to process.  I have friends down there right now picking up the pieces and getting things done.  Most are still without power, natural gas, and water.

Take a look for yourselves.  Here is a link to the NOAA aerial photos that show before and after pictures of the damage.  Hurricane HARVEY Imagery  

Before 1993 I worked in construction in the Rockport area.  After looking around I could see that all of the buildings I built back then are still standing.  Most have some type of roof damage but the structures are still there.  Most jobs we doubled the number of storm straps that were required and it looks like it paid off.  We also used countless tubes of construction adhesive to glue the roof decking down.  Looks like that worked as well. 

P.S. I lived near Estes.  This was quite a shock since one day the state put up a sign nearby that said "Estes" on the highway and no one had ever heard of the place.

Here are before and after pictures of a section of downtown Rockport.



Level 13

Keep up the good work.

Amazing.  Also impressive is how the locals have managed to make the streets passable despite the destruction.  Or, maybe Harvey cleared the streets for them on its way through, taking homes & roofs with it?

Many of the roads were blocked by power lines, poles, debris, and trees.  They were the first things cleared so FIre Department, Police, utility and work crews could have access.

This past weekend, people from San Antonio drove down there in large groups to assist. Some brought down grills and pits.   Free BBQ was everywhere.  My coworker said that he did not pay for food all weekend. 


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Thanks for your support, prowessa​!

Level 10

The damage is incredible, Radioteacher​ - it's going to take a long time to rebuild, but everyone's committed.

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Thanks for your support, mtgilmore1​!

Level 21

As others have already said, I love to see what you guys are doing and that there are still companies out there that care about community.