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SolarWinds at VMworld 2015

Level 13


Thank you to all of you who took time to stop by and converse with the SolarWinds team at VMworld! We even had some thwack Community members - fcpsolaradminrolltidega‌ and Geek Speak Ambassadors cxi‌ stop by the SolarWinds booth. If I missed listing you and you stopped by our booth, please comment below and I will add you into this post

VMworld THE Virtualization Conference

VMware VMworld is still THE virtualization conference! This year VMware added a few wrinkles such as a DevOps Day hackathon with vCloud Air. This was a not-so-subtle nod to DevOps, App Dev, and Infrastructure Developers. Again, there are disturbances in the Force as the rise of the IT Versatilists continue.

Three themes were highlighted by VMware at this year's VMworld (in no particular order):

  1. Container integration with the major container vendors like Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Mesosphere's DataCenter OS, and Cloud Foundry;
  2. Cloud-Mobile strategy that included a joint keynote with Microsoft and introducing their ID management solution; and
  3. Data center abstraction continued via VMware EVO SDDC, which has VSAN for storage, NSX for networking, vSphere for Compute/memory, and vRealize for management.

Experts and Espresso Presented by SolarWinds

Once again, we had a blast hosting and presenting on the latest tech trends to VMworld attendees at our Experts and Espresso Events on Monday and Tuesday mornings at Jillians. Some would say that it was "Straight Outta Coffee." I do wish that I was a part of the photo below; but me, joeld and sqlrockstar we presenting to the packed house inside. I may resort to photoshopping myself into this classic image.


eBook released at VMworld: Four Skills to Master Your Virtualization Universe 

I was honored to have been asked to write an eBook covering four essential skills (discovery‌, alerting‌, remediation‌, troubleshooting‌) to master any virtualization universe for VMworld. For a brief intro on the eBook, check out this post. To view the eBook, please visit here. To download the eBook, please visit here. It was an extraordinary journey and much props goes to emilie‌‌.


With that, I hope that you are ready for any!


What a crew !!

Level 17

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Level 14

Awesome!   I wish I could have attended

Level 21

Man, I always miss the good stuff.  My company keeps me chained to a chair in a closet. 


I'm in a the same boat...literally in a closet and my chair does not have wheels either !!

Level 13

Sorry to hear that. I wonder if adatole‌ could do a spin on his "Buy me a pony" and the "Cost of (Not) Monitoring" around the value of attending an IT industry conference.

Level 21

That would be awesome, he would need to follow it with a "how to pick locks" so can can unchain myself. 

Level 14

Think cake and a file... ya...ya... that will do it!!!

Level 8

Will Solarwinds be attending VMworld Europe aswell? kong.yang

Level 13

Hi xlr8r‌,

SolarWinds will not have a booth presence at VMworld Europe this year.


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