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SolarWinds and Vyopta Integration for Video Monitoring

Level 17


SolarWinds and Vyopta now integrate so that you can monitor live data from your video infrastructure and access switch interface for any problem call in any conference room for Polycom or Cisco endpoints.

Key Features:

  • Simple API-level integration
  • Single click from any Cisco or Polycom endpoint to NPM interface details page
  • Live call stats, video device status, camera/display connection data, and registration info.

Eliminate the Video Conference Blind-Spot

Do you ever enter a never-ending blame game with your A/V team about why video conferences fail? Are you responsible for the video infrastructure in your environment? Perhaps even if you don’t want to be? Tired of those codecs and video infrastructure being a black-box in terms of actual call statistics and quality metrics? Want to bridge the visibility gap between your voice / video and the rest of your network infrastructure? Well perfect - because Vyopta’s real-time video monitoring now integrates with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.
     With this integration you are now able to monitor, alert, and diagnose end-to-end video call issues through Vyopta AND identify whether it is a network problem or a video device problem. Furthermore, with one-click access to NPM from every video endpoint, you can diagnose and fix the issue if it is a network problem. On the Vyopta side- call quality and hardware statistics are pulled directly from your endpoints and bridges via API. Whether you are using Cisco, Polycom, Acano, Pexip or Vidyo in whichever flavor, your data is combined and normalized in real-time. Based on this broad dataset, you are able to assess end-to-end call quality per call or determine whether an issue may be systemic within your video environment. Perhaps it’s as simple as the screen or camera being disconnected on the endpoint. Maybe the user dialed the wrong number. In Vyopta, you can get alerted for and diagnose the following issues at a glance:

  • Camera/Display disconnect
  • Endpoint becomes unregistered (unable to make calls)
  • Endpoint down
  • Bad call quality from gateway, bridge, or endpoint (packet loss or jitter)
  • High Packet Loss


Vyopta’s built in dashboards you can also quickly evaluate the health of your bridging infrastructure. Perhaps one of your MCU’s is at capacity, or you have a spike in traversal calls:

RT Capacity.png

If the issue isn’t with an endpoint or bridge, you can click on the helpful SolarWinds link next to the endpoint to take you right to the connected access-layer switch interface in NPM:


Once in NPM, you can determine if there is a common interface-level issue (VLAN / duplex / etc) or start to drive upstream into the infrastructure. Enhance your situational awareness with Netflow data or perhaps proactive UDP IPSLA transactions in VNQM. Recent config change bork DSCP tagging? NCM has you covered.

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 2.53.50 PM.png

So next time users start rumbling that those darn vidcons “don’t work” or the CEO’s call drops in the middle of a board meeting, know that your video infrastructure doesn’t have to be a black-box. With Vyopta and SolarWinds integration, it’s easy to troubleshoot. No more chasing phantom issues - isolate the root cause of video conference issues in just a few clicks.


What? Now URL to the company page or direct line to Rob's cellphone? Aghast!

  But in all seriousness this is interesting stuff... my company treats VTC like a black box with a "Set It and Forget It" attitude. And when it doesn't work all haeilfire rains down from the executives...

Level 17

Hi Pete - if you're interested, further details on the integration can be found here: 

I'd love to learn more about what problems you're facing with VTC (besides exec users) - I'll ping you on DM if you have time to chat.

Level 20

Wow Rob I wonder if this will work with Cisco Telepresence somehow?  It has a huge pipe dedicated network though so maybe that's not even really necessary... it costs a fortune but I think it's been rock solid.  We do have lots of security camera feeds though... it that instance it might be practical... I find they setup camera with HD video being streamed and eat up entire WAN pipes sometimes o.O!

It's not immediately clear what needs to happen to make NPM compatible with the video conferencing gear.  What needs purchasing, what needs configuring, what are the costs--including licensing?  What are the considerations or limitations for scaling this across the enterprise?  What distance/bandwidth/hardware limitations must be considered when working across WANs, including some with small bandwidth (T1 or 5 Mb/s broadband)?

I'm interested in seeing if this is something I can offer to my Telecom team at no or low cost, through integration with our Orion suite.

Level 21

I love seeing how SolarWinds does such a great job of integrating with other mainstream products out there.

Level 17

Exactly sir - Vyopta pulls data from Telepresence infrastructure and endpoints for monitoring and analytics data. It gives you the ability to troubleshoot video call quality / failures, and perform aggregate analysis for capacity planning (among other things.)

Security feeds won't be monitored unless they are being routed through a MCU (doubtful.)

Level 17

Vyopta is a seperate SaaS product that integrates with NPM. It polls data from vidcon gear using a light-weight windows-based collector. HW and bandwidth requirements are pretty minimal, and there are no latency constraints. I can't speak to cost however- the sales-droids get cranky.

Thank you, Rob.

However, without a cost estimate--even just list price--I can't get time from managers in our Telecom department.  My organization has ~100 buildings, 14,000 employees, just shy of 50K network nodes spread across five states.  I'd think some sort of video conference management tool would be useful to them, but I shouldn't assume.

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