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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and Log & Event Manager – NOW GREAT FOR DESKTOPS!

If you’ve been watching the SolarWinds Product Blog lately, you’ll know that we’ve announced some changes to our Virtualization Manager and the SIEM tool Log & Event Manager (LEM) products. While these changes aren’t monumental from a functionality standpoint, we think they can make a major difference in the way that you manage your desktop infrastructure. YES! I said DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE. Let me explain:

First, let’s talk about VMware performance monitoring tool, Virtualization Manager. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – or as Gartner calls it, Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) or Server Hosted Virtual Desktop (SHVD) – is a growing trend. Organizations do it for lots of reasons – data security, BC/DR, BYOD, etc. The fact is that the majority of organizations that deploy a VDI solution don’t realize any cost savings over their legacy client deployment. The major reason for this is that there is still a lot of infrastructure required for VDI…and there is additional virtualization software cost. Because virtual desktops become so prolific in an organization, issues like VM sprawl become even harder to manage. For example, reclaiming the resources of one orphaned virtual desktop VM doesn’t provide a huge benefit, and it takes about as much time as doing the same for a much larger server VM. However, when you are reclaiming multiple orphaned virtual desktops, the economics become more viable. The problem is that you actually have to FIND them. This is where a virtualization management tool like SolarWinds Virtualization Manager comes in. With version 5.1, released on December 4th, we are now including a VDI dashboard to help you manage your virtual desktop resources more efficiently. We’ve also changed our licensing model to charge on a ‘per socket’ basis so that environments with more VM density – like VDI environments – can derive a greater benefit.

Now, let’s talk security. SolarWinds Log & Event Manager has been a great asset to many organizations with its ability to quickly detect and automatically respond to issues in the IT environment through log and event consolidation and correlation. With version 5.5, we’ve made this solution easier to deploy, and we’ve also made it cost-effective for workstation deployments. The event log analyzer, new SolarWinds LEM Workstation Edition now makes it economical to deploy LEM all the way to the endpoints in your environment to enhance your client security. So, if one of your users wants to run off with some data on a USB key or install Dropbox and move confidential information into an insecure environment, LEM Workstation Edition can be configured to automatically eject the USB device or abort the software installation that would make those security risks possible.

So, as you can see, we’re working to help you expand the usefulness of SolarWinds tools so you can maximize your investment…and, if you’re not already a customer, don’t just take our word for it. Try the VMware monitoring tool out for free today with one of our free 30-day trials for the ideal vmware monitoring software, Virtualization Manager, or Log & Event Manager.