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SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Sweeps APM Software Brand Leader Awards

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SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) sweeps all six APM Software Brand Leader Awards!


In September 2013, IT Brand Pulse conducted a survey of IT professionals. The respondents were asked which vendors they perceived as the leader in the following 6 categories for APM Software: Market, Price, Performance, Reliability, Service & Support and Innovation.


SolarWinds SAM was selected by IT professionals as the 2013 Market Leader for APM Software – winning in all 6 categories and outranking the likes of CA Application Performance Management, IBM® SmartCloud, Dell® Foglight, HP® Application Performance Management, and CompuWare® APM, among others.

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The significance of mainstream Application Performance Monitoring (APM) has, over the years, evolved to be perceived as a bigger and broader service function for IT management. APM became Application Performance “Management” when it started detecting and diagnosing application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service–translating IT metrics into business meaning.


At SolarWinds, we’ve been working relentlessly to keep enhancing SAM based on customer feature requests and by analyzing the requirements in the IT community. From being just an application performance monitoring solution (couple of years ago), SAM has continuously evolved to offer server hardware health monitoring, server process & service monitoring, windows event log monitoring, asset inventory management, and server remediation capabilities. With the recent SAM 6.0 launch, we launched AppInsight for SQL Server® which provides deep visibility into SQL Server performance for SysAdmins, DBAs, and SQL developers.



From this survey report by IT Brand Pulse, it was made clear that SolarWinds is far ahead of the competition in all six areas of evaluation criteria that make an APM software an APM market leader.

#1 Market Leader – 27.2% of survey respondents voted for SolarWinds ahead of IBM, Dell/Quest & HP. This is a strong indicator that SolarWinds SAM is rising up really fast to become the market leader in APM.


#2 Price Leader – It’s not a surprise that SolarWinds came ahead of all other solutions. For such a rich APM feature set, SolarWinds SAM is available at a fraction of the cost of the traditional enterprise solutions. The survey respondents echoed the same, and SolarWinds SAM got a whopping 41.4% support far ahead of Dell/Quest (14.8%), HP (10.2%) and IBM (9.4%)


#3 Performance Leader – While performance is an objective element of comparison, and each software will perform differently for different use cases and scenarios, SolarWinds SAM came out as the most popular choice (23.4%) amongst all the APM contenders. This reinstates that the performance and functionality that SAM offers are meeting IT requirements, and that the IT pros are acknowledging it.


#4 Reliability Leader – Again, the survey responses indicate that SolarWinds (23.4%) has proven its reliability in the market much better than the competition – IBM (18%), Dell/Quest (17.2%), HP (12.5%), and CA (9.4%).


#5 Service & Support Leader – The customer service and support offered by SolarWinds has always been excellent and the survey stats objectify the same. In comparison with IBM (21.9%), Dell/Quest (17.2%) & HP (13.3%), SolarWinds scored high (25.6%), placing it on top of the leaderboard.


#6 Innovation Leader – Satisfying the customer needs with every release, SolarWinds strives to come up with innovations and add features to its products. SAM has a consistent release of product innovations and new features that ensure the product becomes better and more compelling to use year over year. 26.6% of the respondents have acknowledged this while Dell/Quest, HP and IBM shares around 14% of votes apiece.


Visit this page to learn more about the survey results.

About the Author
Vinod Mohan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at DataCore Software. He has over a decade of experience in product, technology and solution marketing of IT software and services spanning application performance management, network, systems, virtualization, storage, IT security and IT service management (ITSM). In his current capacity at DataCore, Vinod focuses on communicating the value proposition of software-defined storage to IT teams helping them benefit from infrastructure cost savings, storage efficiency, performance acceleration, and ultimate flexibility for storing and managing data. Prior to DataCore, Vinod held product marketing positions at eG Innovations and SolarWinds, focusing on IT performance monitoring solutions. An avid technology enthusiast, he is a contributing author to many popular sites including APMdigest, VMblog, Cyber Defense Magazine, Citrix Blog, The Hacker News, NetworkDataPedia, IT Briefcase, IT Pro Portal, and more.