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SolarWinds Makes the Move to Storage

Level 12

Well, the news is out. The geeks from Tek-Tools have joined the team here at SolarWinds and as usual, I'm pretty freakin' excited.

If you want the details you can go here, but in a nutshell - you asked and we're delivering. The need for comprehensive management of networks, systems, applications, storage, and virtualization has never been higher and with the addition of the Tek-Tools stuff we're stepping up to the plate to deliver. Just imagine us standing at the plate and pointing the bat out towards the bleachers - sort of like Babe Ruth in his prime - but that the bat is now loaded with all sorts of cool technology around managing virtualization and storage.

My good buddy and our Chief Product Dude Kenny Van Zant gives a great insight into the "big picture" here. I highly recommend checking it out and sending your boss there if they're asking questions about what this all means and especially if they're asking them in CIO lingo.

Stay tuned as over the next few weeks and months we'll have more information to share about how our technologies will be integrated to deliver more of what you've been asking for and what we all need to be successful in today's networked infrastructures.

Just remember, we're successful at making you successful because you tell us what you need and we bring it. So now more than ever - keep telling us what you need. Talk with our product managers on the forums, on the Orion Blog, or to me here on my blog. Keep chatting with us on Twitter and keep sending us those e-mails.

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