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SolarWinds Flame On at Microsoft Ignite

Level 13

The SolarWinds crew including sqlrockstar​​, chrispaap​​, and I just returned stateside after a successful jaunt across the Atlantic at VMworld Europe in Barcelona, Spain. Thank you to all of the attendees who joined us at Tom’s speaking sessions and at our booth. Thank you to Barcelona for your hospitality!

Below are a few pictures of the SolarWinds team as we walked the walk and talked the talk of monitoring with discipline.

The SolarWinds Family at VMworld Europe 2017 in BarcelonaThe SolarWinds Family Team Dinner

Our journey doesn’t stop with the end of the VMworld two-continent tour. We are about to ignite a full course of monitoring with discipline in Orlando. At Microsoft Ignite, visit us in Booth #1913 for the most 1337 swag as well as fantastic demos on monitoring hybrid IT with discipline.


Let us know in the comments if you'll be joining us in Orlando for Microsoft Ignite.

Level 14

very nice!!! Enjoy and good luck...

Sigh.  Network Monitoring family dinners and gatherings.  It's only a dream to me  . . .


Level 21

It looks like somebody there is having a cell phone for an appetizer, can't imagine what he ordered for the main course!




maybe he was hoping for a side of Data.



Not sure I would want my phone on my plate--and I've been known to live (and die?) by the three second rule.  Just saying.

Level 13

Nice,  Home cooking?

Level 20

Looks like since being acquired SW has put marketing into high gear!

Really wish I could have joined you.

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