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Sneak Peak - New Free Tool for Monitoring Microsoft Exchange Servers

Level 12

Up until now I've been sworn to secrecy, but it looks like they're finally going to let me talk about this...

SolarWinds is just about to release a new free tool for monitoring Microsoft Exchange Servers. For those of us that have had the, well, ummm, "privilege" of managing and monitoring Exchange servers we know what a pain it can be and how crazy our users get (especially the executives) whenever there's a problem with the e-mail server.

This new free network monitoring software can track things like:

  • the status of the Exchange services
  • the size of the mail queues
  • status and health of CPU, memory, and disk

The new free Exchange Monitor will be available soon from

As always, ping me if you have questions or suggestions around this new free software.

Flame on...

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Level 15

Has this progressed into some other SW product?