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See the Head Geeks in Action: A review of 2015's IT Pro-Dictions

Level 9

If you follow Geek Speak, you're probably aware of the annual "Head Geek IT Pro-Dictions." That said, we thought it would be fun to have the Head Geeks revisit last years predictions. Last year certainly offered countless technology trends and topics to discuss, deliberate, dissect, and debate.

But, were the Geeks right or wrong with their predictions? Check out the video below, as the Head Geeks discuss if they deserve a cheers for their tech predictions or an unfortunate series of jeers. And if you haven't seen this years IT Pro-dictions, be sure to check them out at the end of the video to find out what they believe will be the top ten industry drivers of 2016.

As always, your comments are welcomed, so feel free to chime in and have some fun with the Head Geeks!






Great Video.

-Bacon!!! Big Data, I would have gone with Big Bacon!

-Leon is a riot! LMAO. 

-You will be assimilated into the collective.

adatole‌, where are you doing your standup.  I got to catch the show......


awesome video!

There seems to be less and less of Patrick each successive year. maybe it's just the "experience"

Level 14

Great video.  Thanks guys.


Good stuff. Thanks chaps.

I appreciate you taking potshots at your own predictions.  It's common for others to trash talk or praise predictions and actions--there's no shortage of Monday-morning Quarterbacks.

But you doing it to yourselves is appreciated, and gives your work a feel of honest introspection.

Patrick's Facial Expression in the Thumbnail is priceless.


Speaking of hybrid cloud, looking forward to seeing you guys bring your cloud offerings more into the limelight


Nice video!! Love it.

Level 17


Level 11

Enjoyable as usual, I predict they will have better predictions in the future.