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Securing Wireless Networks

Level 12

It's hard to imagine life as we know it without wireless networking. Just about every company that has a network nowadays has extended it using 802.11 or some other wireless technology and that means that we as network engineers, systems administrators, and IT managers are responsible for building and maintaining these systems.

As you're probably aware, the Orion Network Performance Monitor includes wireless network monitoring and management capabilities. In the old days this was a paid add-on but as we saw that pretty much everyone with a network also needed the wireless component we decided to bundle it in.

While monitoring and managing your wireless are important - an area that is often overlooked is Wi-Fi security - especially in home network and those of small and medium sized businesses. So, I decided to write up some tips on the subject here and also highlight what can happen when you don't secure your wireless networks.

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Level 15

History teaches so we appreciate the future.

In our effort, to have a single pane of glass, products like this help, unfortunately, other teams often buy there own add on before checking the capabilities of what we already have.


Good basic tips for small or home networks...I like to run a seperate guest network that cannot access the internal network for people over at the house.