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Say Hello to My Little Friend...

Level 12

Well, it's not actually little - it's sort of humongous - and as a matter of fact it's not "a" friend of mine but it's written by several good friends of mine, but I've been spending the week in Chicago and I've always wanted to have an excuse to talk like a gangster so I just couldn't resist.

What I'm talking about, as I'm sure you're wondering by now, is the new Orion Product Blog.

The Orion Product Blog is a special blog written by the Orion product managers (with occasional guest posts by our chief architect, our engineering leads, and yours truly) to help keep everyone that uses Orion informed on product updates, best practices, tips and tricks, and etc. The Orion product managers are the resources in the world for information on Orion and this new blog offers a direct conduit from them to you.

For now, you'll want to access the Orion Product Blog here on Thwack but very soon you can expect to see some direct integration of the blog within Orion itself. For now, feel free to setup an RSS feed web resource within one of your Orion views and you can subscribe to the feed from both the Geek Speak Blog (the one you're reading right now) and the new Orion Product Blog.

I can't think of too many companies that would expose their product managers like this so don't miss out on the opportunity to have an active relationship with these folks. Read the blog, comment often, and give us your input. Together we can make Orion even better!!!

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Handy reference link.  Thanks!


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