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Save around $70K a Year and Experience 40% Fewer Hours of Downtime by Simply Deploying a Virtualization Management Tool

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It’s a known fact that organizations are turning towards virtualization for various reasons. An IT organization can add several business applications, databases, etc. without increasing or adding new hardware to their IT environment, thus saving hundreds of dollars and optimizing existing hardware. Often, development teams rely heavily on taking snapshots of their dev or test environments. In the event of hardware failure or if difficulties arise with restoring changes made to apps and databases, you can quickly lose this vital information. One of the most crucial values that virtualization offers companies is that it can help save on technology maintenance costs. Imagine having to run several physical servers without a virtual environment? You would end up supporting end-users or customers at a very high cost.


Despite the various short-term and long-term benefits virtualization offers, managing this complex infrastructure is a mammoth task for any IT pro. Most organizations would prefer to rely on a proactive virtualization management tool that offers deep and end-to-end visibility on your virtual and storage environments. SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager or VMAN as we fondly call it, gives you unified performance, capacity planning, configuration, VM sprawl control, VDI, and showback management for VMware® and Hyper-V®. In addition, VMAN also integrates with SolarWinds products, such as Server & Application Monitor and Storage Manager providing you with contextual awareness of performance issues across all layers, including applications, database, virtual infrastructure, server hardware, and storage systems.


Just this month, SolarWinds conducted a survey in which 136 VMAN customers participated. The pool of respondents included VirtAdmins, SysAdmins, capacity planners, IT generalists, etc. from North America. The objective of this survey was to find out how our customers are using VMAN to troubleshoot performance challenges in their virtual environment and what their ROI was after deploying VMAN.


VMAN Survey Aug 2014.jpg


After deploying VMAN:

  • 63% of respondents spent an average of only $6,000 per year on software costs to monitor around 250 VMs
  • Respondents decreased downtime from 7-15 hours to less than 3 hours per month
  • Respondents who spent 11-20 hours manually searching for dormant VMs now spend only 1-5 hours per month
  • Respondents who spent around 9 hours to detect VM sprawl every month now only spend a little over 2 hours


What’s also interesting is a large chunk of our customers say they leverage product integration between VMAN and Server & Application Monitor, Storage Manager, and Network Performance Monitor. 47% of customers go on to say their previous virtualization management tool didn’t offer such integration capabilities for end-to-end visibility (app to storage), and that’s why they made the switch to SolarWinds.


You can view the complete survey findings in the following presentation.


Virtualization Manager Survey: Features, Competitive, and ROI


If you’re an existing VMAN customer and haven’t had a chance to participate in the survey, tell us what value you see in using VMAN. Take this time to also let us know what you feel we could do better in the coming releases of Virtualization Manager.

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Good information.  Thanks for sharing.