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Level 15

Are you champing at the bit while waiting for SAM 6.0 to be released? I don't blame you. I am too and for a different reason. Suffice to say, this release will be a beast! It is the musical equivalent of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. What does this mean for you? Well, I can't give away all the secrets, but I liken the new features and views they provide to the cockpit of the space shuttle. Ridiculous!

So, what can I tell you? Not much; however, you can get a sneak peak of some of the new features here.

Real Time Event Viewer

In SAM 5.0, we introduced the the Real Time Process Explorer. In 5.5 we took it a step further with the Service Control Manager. Now, in SAM 6.OMG, we are offering the Real Time Event Viewer - and it's just where you'd expect to find it!


Here's a better view, just to tease you a little more:


This, my friends, is cool. But it pales in comparison to the other really, really, really cool features I can't mention! Why do you think I'm calling it SAM 6.OMG? Because it's bigger, better, and cooler than anything else we've ever done - and we're all working ourselves to the breaking point, but we love it!


Please tell me it includes movie all server side Orion Administration to the Web console.

Level 15

For direct questions about this release, please Direct Message Alterego.

Level 17

What's that movie rated? PG-13 for extreme horror?


It took me a second to catch that.  Funny

Level 15

SAM: Man of Steel

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