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Rogue No More - Application Performance Management from SolarWinds is Officially Here!!!

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For the last several weeks I’ve been going rogue - sneaking around trying to get the word out about our big move into the systems and application performance management space. I’ve tried hiding out in my truck, going downtown in disguise, and even donning full camouflage and hiding out in the woods but it seems like I always got caught. Well, the wait is officially over. SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor is now officially available.

For about as long as we’ve offered Orion Network Performance Monitor, we’ve been asked by system administrators and application support folks to launch a similar systems and application performance management product. Sure, there are a lot of other products in this space but they tend to fall into one of two camps -- the “cheap and easy but don’t scale to my needs and skimp on the features I need” or the “includes most every feature I want and claims high scalability but I can’t actually make it work and it’s so expensive I’m embarrassed to talk to my boss about it.”.

SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor was built specifically to address these shortfalls. Super easy to install and configure, full-featured, highly-scalable, and a price point that you’re proud to talk about with your boss.

I’ve been testing the new Application Performance Monitor for several weeks now and I’m impressed. But hey, I work here and you probably figure I’m just a little biased. So, I get it if you don’t want to take my word for it. With that in mind, we made the preview available to a group of systems administrators and general geeks like you and me and captured their APM experience and feedback here. Check it out.

Long story short – there’s a new choice for systems and application management. The best part? Like everything from SolarWinds you can download it and check it out for free and have it up and running in under an hour…

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