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Resetting Passwords: Finally, There is an Automated Workaround!

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Even though it’s simple to reset a user account password, for an IT administrator like you, who has a ton of other critical stuff to do, it takes time. And, it’s definitely no fun at all considering the number of help desk tickets that you resolve for this task each day.

Why Do These Annoying Passwords Get Locked?

More often than not, you’ll have issues with passwords because one of the following might have happened.

  • Your end-users have simply forgotten their password, and entered it incorrectly enough times to get the account locked.
  • End-users may have forgotten to change their system password, which has now expired. Now, it has to be reset.

Watch this video, and you may be able to relate to Pete’s frustrations on what he has to deal with every day.

Do you think it has resemblance to what happens in your life?

Tips to Avoid Password Reset Scenarios

  • Set up automatic password change reminders that prompt the end-users in advance of password expiry.
  • Provide self-service options to end-users to reset password using a Web interface.
  • Have KB articles built into your help desk software so that the user gets tips to reset the password on their own.
  • Institute an automated system in place that can help reset AD password automatically when a user is locked out of their account.

The operational hurdle is one. Then, there’s the security threat. Do you know if unauthorized users are trying to break into network workstations? How will you detect that and keep your servers and workstations secure?

Security Tips to Monitor User Logon Actions

  • Lookout for multiple incorrect password attempts. It can be a security breach or an unauthorized user trying to access the system.
  • Get visibility into logs from your domain controller and user workstations. This will give you visibility into the number of password attempts made, the time when they happened, which system is having suspiciously repeated incorrect password entries, etc.

The Solution: SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

These tips will be of use especially for someone like Pete (and you of course!). SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) addresses both the operational and security perspectives of password lockout issues.

  • LEM has built-in Active Responses to reset passwords automatically.
  • LEM collects and correlates logs from various entities such as AD domain controller and user workstations to alert you when suspicious password user logon/log actions are recorded on systems.

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Helpful suggestions.

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That's always something to consider. No matter what, people will always have issues with their passwords