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Receiving SNMP Alerts from SAM in LEM

Level 9

Receiving SNMP Alerts from SAM in LEM

Some examples of using the systems together:

  • SAM detects an issue with a service and use LEM to determine if there are errors being generated from that service, when the issue started, and respond by restarting the service, and building a rule to detect & notify you of future outages before the service actually goes completely down.
  • Build rules inside of LEM that combine data from SAM with your event log, device log, and application log data, to combine the power of what's happening in the log with the knowledge that something's gone wrong.
  • Respond to an event detected from SAM in the LEM Console to isolate an issue, quarantine a user or system, restart a service, or kill a process.

To send data from SAM to LEM:

  1. 1) On your LEM appliance, enable SNMP, if you don't already have it enabled.
  2. a) From the virtual/hardware appliance Advanced Configuration console, enter service at the cmc prompt.
  3. b) At the cmc::scm# prompt, enter enablesnmp.
  4. 2) Configure the SolarWinds tool on your LEM appliance via Manage > Appliances, then click the Gear icon and select Tools.
  5. Select Network Management from the Category list.
  6. 4) Click the Gear icon next to the bottom Network Management line and select New and create a new SolarWinds Orion tool.
  7. 5) Click Save to save the configuration (the default name/alias that appears in all of the messages from these tools can be changed).
  8. 6) Click the Gear icon and select Start to enable the tool/connector to monitor for incoming data.

For more information on setting up alerts with SAM, check out the "Creating Alerts" section in the SAM User Guide.

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Nice to see integration at work.