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Question on IP Address Management from the Webcast Last Week

Level 12

As many of you know, I hosted a webcast on "Strategies for Optimizing WAN Management" last week. The webcast went well and I'll be posting some additional information on it once the recorded version is available and etc.

There were a lot of interesting questions that came out of the webcast so I thought I'd share some of the answers here in th blog.

Several people asked about IP Address Management tool so I'll start by enumerating some of the lessor known features of this application as well as detailing some of the features that were requested but haven't been built-in yet.

First, if you have multiple users that use the IP Address Management tool within our toolset, you can setup a common database located on a network share and that way all of you can work from the same database. This has saved me a lot of time when I've had different people managing different subnets but everyone needed to be able to view the complete address space. To enable this feature follow the instructions on page 114 of the manual (basically copy the IPDB to the target location and use 'File, Open, Browse" to access).

Another commonly unknown feature is that you can setup the tool to automatically, periodically export the results to an HTML file and then display this content within the Orion web console. Much more convenient than having to access the IP Address Management machine directly when you need to grab a free address for a static assignment.

One feature that was requested but not currently available is the ability to exclude specific IP addresses from the scans. In the case of the customer that requested the feature, when his IP Address Management application scans the addresses for their core infrastructure it sets off alarms and the security team gets a little excited. This is a great feature suggestion and I'm going to try to get it into a release within the next few months.

I think there's a lot more we could be doing on the IP Address Management front. Let me know if you agree and if you have any specific requirements/suggestions.

Flame on...


Level 9

I have IP Address Management Version 10.10.207 running and regularly publishing the subnets to HTML so they can be viewed from a browser.  The main page has links to all the subnets but the subnet pages don't have a link back to the main list.  Is there a way to customize the HTML that generates these pages?  If I add a link manually to a subnet page, it gets overwritten during the next scheduled publishing event.



Level 15

I am currently evaluating the current version of IPAM.  Sure beats the old spreadsheet.

It certainly beats sharing a spreadsheet out among multiple users, as in back in the bad old days.


some places still use the spreadsheet although a good IPAM solution is better.

Some years ago it was seen that we live & die by DHCP and DNS, and our Microsoft solution had been failing on an increasing basis.  We reviewed a number of products, ended up with Infoblox.  It's a LOT better than the MS solution, and upgrading it is the easiest and best designed process I've ever used.  Very intuitive, 100% hitless.

That said, our SA's took over DNS while my team (Networks) remained in charge of DHCP.  Although our Infoblox has the full DNS package we can't get the SA's to migrate to it from MS.  They're fans of a Linux / open source environment.  It's sad, but I understand where they're at, not knowing how to migrate to, and use, Infoblox.

If I knew DNS would have its hold outs, Orion IP Mgr would be a great tool to investigate and perhaps adopt.  For that matter, depending on price point, it still could be.  Except that we've just committed to a new Infoblox DHCP hardware refresh & support contract.  Sigh . . .