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QoS Deployment and Use

Level 12

Howdy y'all... Before I get started talking about QoS, I'd like to thank everyone that helped me prepare for the webinar we hosted today on Effective WAN Management. The webinar went very well and I really appreciate those of you that responded here on the Blog and those of you that send me info directly via e-mail. The t-shirts are on the way...
Over the next few weeks we're going to be sponsoring some activities around QoS including some free web-based training, blog articles, and conducting/posting some interviews with industry experts that'll be posted as podcasts on our website. To that end, I'm looking for people that are actively leveraging QoS type technologies and/or any interesting WAN optimization techniques. Drop me a note if you fall in this category and I'll get you some additional information.

More to come tomorrow night but I'm gonna run for now as I've got some shows on the Tivo that are calling my name. Not sure if any of you out there are watching the new sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" but it's quickly become a favorite for me. It's nice to finally see some dudes on TV that are even geakier than I am

Flame on...


Level 15

Was there articles or videos posted on this website regarding QoS?  As I have moved forward in my tasks, I am starting to see a need for QoS as some of our projects may require the need for some of these techniques.

Level 21

Agreed--I'm interested in see the videos or blog / content associated with this.

Level 18

Considering this was written 8 years ago and jkump didn't see anything I am going to assume they didn't happen.