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Performance Tuning Essentials for the Cloud DBA

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This week I will be in Atlanta for Microsoft Ignite, splitting time between the Microsoft and SolarWinds booths in the exhibit hall. I have the privilege of delivering a session in the Community Theater on Tuesday, the 27th of September, from 2:50-3:10PM EDT. The title of the talk is "Performance Tuning Essentials for the Cloud DBA," and it's a story that's been on my mind for the past year or so.

First, "cloud DBA" is a phrase I borrowed from Rimma Nehme who mentioned the term during her PASS Summit keynote in 2014. Dr. Nehme was reinforcing an idea that I have been advocating for years, and that is for database administrators to stop thinking of themselves as DBAs and start thinking of themselves as data professionals. To a DBA, it shouldn't matter where the data resides, either down the hall or in the cloud. And for those of us that are accidental DBAs, or accidental whatevers, we know that there will soon be accidental cloud DBAs. And those accidental cloud DBAs will need help.

And that help begins with this 20-minute session at Ignite tomorrow.

During that session, you are going to hear me talk about the rise of hybrid IT, the changing face of IT, and how we won't recognize things in five years. An accidental cloud DBA will be overwhelmed at first, but we will help provide the structure they need for a solid foundation to perform well in their new role. And I will share some tips and tricks with you to help all cloud DBAs to be efficient and effective.

So if you are at Microsoft Ignite this week, stop by to chat with me in the booth, or after my session Tuesday. I'd be happy to talk cloud, data, databases, and technology in general.


It would be great to have your notes posted up here afterward.

Some year I might be able to attend on of those.

Level 20

Hopefully it will be a good session!

Interesting... what seems like forever ago (Reality: 4 years ago) my company was one of the first 7 customers to implement SAP's HANA in-memory DB into a PRD environment (Remember in a previous post I spoke about leadership filling out their LinkedIn profiles?). There was a tremendous internal struggle to be had over who was to be responsible for the HANA... DB? (No! It isn't a traditional DB and all we had were SQL Server DBA's) Appliance? (No! It is more than a standard appliance and requires near constant care & feeding) SAP Application? (No! It exists outside SAP so App Support and Basis Admin can't own it)

     In the end we didn't treat it as a standalone entity and threw everyone into the RACI matrix. Problem solved! HA!

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So, not being a DBA myself I guess I don't understand why you would differentiate between a DBA and a cloud DBA?  As you mention, it shouldn't matter where the data is right?  To me it seems like sticking with just DBA and have that to be all inclusive makes more sense than specifically adding "cloud" on to it.  With that being said I can certainly see how having a database in the cloud can add challenges to managing it and monitoring it due to less control over the environment that in lives in/on.

Atlanta and its nearby users are fortunate to have the benefits of being a travel hub and large city.  I'll miss seeing this presentation in person.

On the other hand, maybe there are other kinds of benefits to compensate for living & working out in a rural location.  Hopefully lower crime, cleaner air & water.  Certainly MUCH less traffic.  Pine trees in the breeze, good fishing, thousands of lakes & streams to canoe and explore without seeing anyone else . . .

I'll take what I can get, and rationalize away the rest:


(Aesop strikes again.)

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if only they would have it in Canada!

Level 17

You are correct in the idea that it doesn't matter where the data is hosted, but the difference for a Cloud DBA is mostly on how to do performance troubleshooting and data recovery. It's the same skills, just done in a different way.

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I will see about posting the slides as well as a summary.

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Thomas LaRock is a Head Geek at SolarWinds and a Microsoft® Certified Master, SQL Server® MVP, VMware® vExpert, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has over 20 years experience in the IT industry in roles including programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator.