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OpenStack Summit 2016 Summary

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OpenStack Summit 2016 reinforced my thoughts about OpenStack and its proliferation into mainstream IT organizations. First, OpenStack is much more than the glorified science project that some pundits put forth in 2015. Second, OpenStack is still not the frictionless consumption for every organization as some OpenStack vendors would have you believe. OpenStack is probably somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, with a majority of the interest lying in the OpenStack private cloud, containers, and Kubernetes.

The barrier to entry has decreased significantly since the days of extrapolating from industry journal articles. However, maintaining and sustaining a viable OpenStack ecosystem requires professional service-level skills. The devil is in the details, especially with all the customization, configurations, and permutations that OpenStack allows. It's one of those situations where great power requires great responsibility. For example, Day 1 OpenStack installation is now relatively easy, and is packaged as such. But where you go on Day 2 depends either on your organization's skill level, or what it can afford to pay. For some, that means nowhere, unless you have the proper support for training and gaining expertise. With that in mind, I'd like to share with the thwack community one of the best sessions at OpenStack Summit. It happened to be a hands-on workshop focused on getting started with OpenStack. It was delivered by Rackspace OpenStack Evangelist, Ken H.u.i. (Updated: apparently "h" "u" "i" is not allowed), and Red Hat Sr. Software Engineer and author, Dan Radez.

If OpenStack is on your list of deliverables as a proof-of-concept or in production this year, my advice is to get as much hands-on training and practical experience as you can possibly get. I also suggest leaning on the OpenStack community. There are many wonderful tech evangelists who are happy to share their time, knowledge, and expertise.

Getting Started with OpenStack with @kenhuiny and Dan Radez

Here are some prerequisites before you start out and here is the slides from the workshop.


I have been looking into the OpenStack and SDN stuff, but not sure I am ready for it. 

Level 14

Thank you for sharing.


Great !

It is amazing how far SD (software defined) anything goes these days.  This even extends into the realm of radio.

Thank you for sharing !

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The video says it was deleted. What happened?

Level 13

Updated with the new URL from the OpenStack Foundation channel.

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That actually looks pretty cool.  It is something that I really need to look into.  It looks like there is some real cost savings there and it looks to be a feasible solution for many environments.  There is really a lot of information in this video.  Very good intro!

Hopefully you'll get more out of the product than you pay for it . . .

I am with you on this one.

Interesting stuff... reading about it more and more. My company isn't there yet. Still have some clean-up of legacy junk so that we can homogenize our platform and start moving towards full immersion.

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Nice share, one of the most interesting subjects out there currently..

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Unless supported by HP or Redhat or someone to me it is still a science project if you have to goto newsgroups of github for support.

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