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New tools for monitoring virtual server environments...

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Nowadays it seems that we're all using virtual server technologies and in my opinion, it's some pretty darn good stuff. We use virtual servers for everything from mission critical enterprise applications to software development platforms to lab and QA systems and the list doesn't stop there. Did I already say that this is some good stuff?

The problem is, up until now there really haven't been any good tools for monitoring these virtual server environments and too many of the network management vendors out there are either charging extra for these features or ignoring the trend altogether. Well, I'm proud to say that we took a different approach here at SolarWinds.

Today we announced two important things. First, we've announced a new free tool for monitoring VM Ware ESX Servers and the virtual machines hosted on them. Second, we announced a new version of Orion that natively identifies and monitors VM Ware ESX Servers and their VMs. This isn't an add-on - it's a "free" feature included in the base Orion NPM product. All exisitng Orion customers with active software maintenance will receive these new features for free and can login to the SolarWinds customer portal to download the new release now.

I've had the opportunity to play with the the new release of Orion and the new free tool and they're cool. If you haven't had a chance to check them out, I highly recomend it. Obviously, if you own Orion you can just upgrade to 9.1 to get these new features. Otherwise, you can download the free tool from SolarWinds.Com or you can login to the Orion Online Demo Server to play with a copy of Orion installed here at SolarWinds.

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Interesting posting.