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New Webcast - Building a Blueprint for Secure Network Management

Level 12

A few weeks ago we did a live seminar in DC and a blog post on the subject of building security into your network management strategy. Several of you that follow the blog e-mailed me directly to ask that we turn this into a webcast and so we've done just that.

Friday of next week, May 14th, at 10:00 CDT, we're going to host a webcast on this topic. You can sign up here.

Some of what we'll cover will include:

• Securing management traffic
• Smart choices for management protocols
• Secure event management
• Security concerns with traffic analysis

Leave me a comment or hit me up via e-mail if you have suggestions/questions/etc. I'm looking forward to sharing information on this topic with you as it seems like something that we could all spend a little more time thinking about...

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