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New NPM Documentation Now Available; Seeking Suggestions for More

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If you been using SolarWinds products for any length of time, you're no doubt familiar with Network Performance Monitor. Hopefully, you're running it right now. If not, go demo it now. Yeah, that's right: demo it now, download a free trial, or just cut to the chase and buy it already.

There, that feels better...

RTFM: Read The (Free) Manual...or Don't

You've got NPM. You may have even gotten it up and running without so much as clicking open a .pdf. Excellent. We've been working hard to make that increasingly possible. Now what?

Typically, traditionally, in an ideal world, you'd sit down with a nice beverage and tuck into the NPM Administrator's Guide to see just what NPM can do. Problem is, it's not an ideal world; you do IT, not history or interior design, so traditional doesn't mean much to you; and you're probably quite atypical, at least in all the typical ways. No matter how brilliant its prose, you just don't have the time to sit down and read the whole NPM docset, or even the Admin Guide in all its glory, in one shot. It's simply not going to happen. You need quick answers; we have them.

Alternatives to Traditional NPM Documentation

As both thwack and our user base have grown, we've collected and generated quite a bit of additional information to help you with your NPM installation. In the past, these documents have lived in thwack, somewhat separate from our more conventional NPM Documentation page.

They are separate no longer.

As of today, you should be able to find links to a number of additional resources, including videos ("NPM Videos"), KB articles ("Popular & Most Recent Knowledge Base"), and more, directly from the Using NPM and Additional Resources sections of the SolarWinds NPM Documentation page. Check out these videos and articles, and let me know in the comments how we could improve the information we have. Do you want more videos? What kinds of examples would be helpful to have available? Don't be shy...

BTW: We should be updating most SolarWinds [Product] Documentation pages in a similar manner in the near future. Look for updates to your favorite product soon.

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You could do an article on how to use/integrate SQL Reporting Services like I have done with my enviroment

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I hope the HTML documentation is not going away - it's so much easier to navigate then PDF.

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RTFM = Read The Free Manual? Hmmm... I thought it meant something else..

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...this forum is fun for the whole family...

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New NPM Documentation Now Available; Seeking Suggestions for More

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Level 15

How do I reconcile which documentation resource to point people to?

Orion Network Performance Monitor Documentation


Network Performance Monitor (NPM) - Updated July 13, 2015

(Thwack NPM Product Forum > Documentation)