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Network Topology Mapper - Service Release 1

Level 11

On March 5th of this year, Network Topology Mapper v1.0 was made available to the public.  Since then it has quickly become one of the more popular products that SolarWinds offers.  It’s a great tool for MSPs and IT Consultants that travel from one client location to the next because with only one license of NTM, an unlimited number of networks can be scanned and mapped.  It’s also a nice complement to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) because maps created in NTM can be exported to the Network Atlas format and then imported for use in NPM.


On 5/13/13, the first service release of NTM was made available.  This update includes some great new features.  Among a few bug fixes, this service release includes:

  • Nodes with multiple IP addresses are now supported in tooltips, details windows, and search queries
  • Spanning tree now reports states in English instead of stored values
  • Link speeds of up to 10Gb are now identified
  • Maps can now be exported to Visio 2013 vsdx format

For those of you who have already purchased NTM, visit the customer portal and download the latest release for these updates.  If you haven’t tried NTM yet, now is the perfect time!  For those who would like to try NTM, we’ve unlocked a few of the features in the trial to make the experience better. Download NTM v1.0.1 today and see how easy it is to create an accurate and detailed map your network.

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THanks helpful information.