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Network Management - Back to the Basics

Level 12

This August we’re going to be hosting a webcast titled “Network Management – Back to the Basics” where we revisit some of the fundamentals of network management. Within that webcast we’ll highlight the different roles that fault management products like ipMonitor play as compared to performance management products. In preparation for the webcast and because they’ve just announced a  new version, I’ve been re-reviewing the new What’s Up Gold (WUG v14). In many ways it sort of took me back to some of my early days in network management. Back then, if you were looking for a fault management product and weren’t ready to dive neck deep into performance management your choices were pretty much limited to:
a)     Do nothing – wait for the phone calls.

b)     Buy HPOV, get nothing, brace for the phone calls.

c)      Get WUG for practically nothing and avoid the phone calls.

As someone who has spent a ton of time on complicated fault management systems like HPOV, the WUG that we used back then was exactly what we needed - basic, reliable, and instant fault management.
Unfortunately, as I was reviewing the latest version I couldn’t help but be disappointed. It seems that the WUG that I remember is no more. Instead, I found myself struggling to use a product that didn’t quite seem to know it’s place. I owned a boat like that once. They called it a “fish and ski”. Problem was, it was too large and cumbersome to be a decent fishing boat and it was small to be a good ski boat. I found myself feeling cheated on both fronts and eventually got rid of it.
I was chatting with Nick Bhavsar who runs our ipMonitor business here and he says that this is exactly why so many people are choosing ipMonitor over WUG. In his words, “ipMonitor is laser focused on being that basic, reliable, and instantaneous fault monitoring product and is winning fans wherever it’s seen . Unlike WUG, ipMonitor is a flat-fee product. Monitor as many devices as you want to, for the same price.”
He went further to throw down this challenge. Whether you’ve already bought WUG, are evaluating it, or even have never heard of it until just now – mention WUG and he’ll give you ipMonitor for $995. He calls it the “Slug a WUG” campaign and it’s good for a limited time.
Don’t take Nick’s word for it (the dude’s in marketing for crying out loud) and certainly don’t believe me.  Check out the products for yourself, make a smart decision, and, as always, flame on…

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