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Mobile Admin in the Real World: How One User Gets IT Done

Level 15

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Tyler Williams in Charlotte, North Carolina about how he uses Mobile Admin in his organization. Tyler works in Operations. His organization "brings nationwide knowledge to improve local healthcare. It does this by collecting and analyzing clinical and financial data from its member hospitals, organizing committees of members to make decisions and set direction for the alliance, sponsoring seminars and conferences, and sharing best practices.“ In other words, it focuses on hospital efficiency. In his role as Senior Messaging Engineer, Tyler supports in the in-house IT department’s messaging environment, specifically applications like AD, Exchange, and Lync.

How do you use Mobile Admin?

I typically use Mobile Admin from my BlackBerry, and occasionally I have used the web client. We are very security-focused, so we only allow access via BlackBerry or through Good, which is MDM security software.


What Mobile Admin services do you rely on most?

I use the Exchange, AD, and Remote Desktop services quite a bit.

You said in another conversation that you loved the product. What makes you say that? How has Mobile Admin come in handy in your line of work?

It’s funny, because people tease me about being on my BlackBerry all day at work. I don’t take my laptop to meetings, but no matter where I am, I can work. You can’t do everything you can from your desk, but you can get most things done you need to, right from the mobile device.

Can you tell us about some instances where Mobile Admin has come in handy?

I can think of several instances where things needed to be taken care of quickly, and that’s where Mobile Admin really comes in handy. I’ve used it from a restaurant while on vacation, from home so I didn’t have to start up the laptop, and even from the light rail while on the way to a hockey game. In that case, we were working on an acquisition and I got an email after hours from a phone engineer who had a vendor on site. There was a script that needed to run, and it had a hardcoded password, and once it ran it was going to make the system have the wrong password. It was a bit of a mess. But because of Mobile Admin, I was able to change the password instantly from the train. It was a quick and easy solution.

I can think of other situations, where sometimes we’ll have someone leave the company and I’ll need to disable their AD access almost instantly. Mobile Admin makes that easy to do from wherever I am.

What do you like most about Mobile Admin?

It’s convenient. I don’t need to use it every day, but when I need it, I need it. There’s a tool in there to get most things done that you need to get done. I’m never afraid I’m not going to be able to do something, so it gives me a lot of freedom.

To try Mobile Admin for yourself, or to learn more about the integrations, tools, and capabilities in the product, check it out at or download a free, fully functional trial.

Level 15

I may have to look further into this product.  Haven't had a need for this type of access yet, but maybe in the future.......................

Level 12

I have used similar tools, will be interesting how it integrates with other Solarwind's products.

About the Author
Christine joined the team in January ’09 and is currently a director of product marketing. She has experience in both very large and very small tech companies, and thinks that SolarWinds is just right.  She’s been in technology for about fifteen years doing project and product management. She loves Austin, but wishes CA would let us move Napa to Texas.