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Mitigating the Risks of Unpatched Applications!

It’s always been a difficult task to maintain standardized IT policy when it comes to deploying patches in your environment. Evidently IT admins try to avoid any vulnerabilities or security issues, but the scene never changes even when IT administrator cries out loud to users to keep their systems updated. There are several reasons why it’s tough for IT admins to achieve patch remediation smoothly and one among those is surprisingly the users themselves, who never show the lightest of interests to keep their systems and third-party applications patched and updated to the latest versions.

Watch the video below, where Larry the IT pro dishes out the truth about users in his environment.

Like Larry says, “Rules are rules. Why do we have them, if we are not going to follow them?” IT policies, patch updates, compliance – all these are fine. When users are not going to follow them, IT is supposed to do that for them. Bummer!

Tips to Make Your Systems Secure!

It’s crucial for any IT admin to ensure all the applications are up-to-date, the systems are secure without any vulnerabilities and meet their IT compliance standards in his organization. They should be aware of latest updates from your software vendors and deploy the patches accordingly. An effective patch management process would involve

  • Auditing systems for identifying missing patches and vulnerable systems
  • Deploying updates systematically in order to eliminate application vulnerabilities in your endpoints.
  • Automating the patch management process to ensure the operating systems and third-party applications are patched in a timely fashion.

Benefits of Centralized & Automated Patch Management

  • Simplify patch management process with the help of automation, and control patch management from a central location without having to do it individually for each user and application.
  • Decrease security risks & service performance degradation by controlling when & where patches are applied
  • Pass audits and demonstrate compliance with out-of-the-box reports and dashboard views

SolarWinds Patch Manager allows you to patch both Microsoft® and non-Microsoft third-party applications with more visibility, control, and reporting from the simplicity of a single central intuitive interface. Patch Manager gives you key management capabilities that help you simplify the entire patch management process from patch notification, to import/synchronization, to publishing, approvals, deployment, scheduling, reboots, and more.