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Managing Riverbed Steelhead Devices

Level 12

As I mentioned, we are doing some testing this week in the lab on WAN acceleration and optimization devices and most recently we've been working with some Riverbed devices. I must say, I'm impressed with the manageability of these devices.

Out of the box. Orion was able to collect stats on CPU, memory, swap, buffer allocation, interface traffic, and interface errors. Additionally, I'm getting NetFlow information directly from this device and it seems to be working swimmingly. It's not often that I see a device that is as easy to manage as these, so I'm impressed.

Anybody else using these devices in their network?


Level 9

I'm a newbie to the Riverbed's and am responsible now for the management and implementation of the devices. I just configured my first one from scratch and I keep thinking I did something wrong because of the ease of it. I have to say as well, there customer support has been phenomenal in helping me come up to speed and working with me to ensure our deployment is all that it should be. Without these Riverbeds, we would be paying out a lot more money for additional bandwidth.

Level 15

Big fan of those devices.  Used it in a previous company.  We were able to turn a bonded T1 (3MBps) into what appeared to be a 12Mbps line and enabled several hundred users to access shares on the other side of the link like they were local and did not have to waste extra storage space duplicating the data.