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Making SolarWinds Orion Alerts into Web Help Desk Tickets

Level 9

Starting with v12.0.0, Web Help Desk (WHD) can integrate SolarWinds NPM, SAM, and NCM to create WHD tickets from SolarWinds Orion alerts. Integrating these platforms means that Orion sends WHD an alert for any network change that it is configured to. These changes could be, for example, a SolarWinds - monitored network node that fails or becomes unmanaged or an interface failure – or anything else that you configure. If you configure WHD to recognize any of these Orion alerts and configure Orion to share its alerts with WHD, WHD can recognize and convert Orion alert data into WHD tickets. Then WHD can assign those tickets to the techs who can fix the issues originally described in the Orion alerts.

Whenever a change occurs in SolarWinds Orion, the change triggers, updates, or resends an Orion alert. After you have established a SolarWinds Orion-to-WHD connection, Orion sends an HTTP request with the change to WHD. An example of this type of change could be a WHD ticket (based on an advanced alert) updating when someone adds a note or acknowledgement or changes the status from the Orion interface.

Here’s what the Orion-to-WHD communication process looks like:

Orion to WHD Communication.jpg

Configuring your Orion product and WHD to work together requires four basic steps:

  1. Enabling SolarWinds Orion to share alerts
  2. Adding the Orion server link to WHD
  3. Configuring alert filtering rules in WHD
  4. Testing alert filtering rules in Web Help Desk

And here’s a sample of what you can get:

Orion Ticket in WHD.jpg

For details on how you can set up Orion – Web  Help Desk communications and make Orion tickets into WHD tickets, check out the full version of Making SolarWinds Orion Alerts into Web Help

Desk Tickets in the Web Help Desk Administrator Guide.

Level 15

Integration techniques are helpful.  Thanks!

Level 8

I've completed the four steps above several times, and I can't get this intergration work. Called Solarwinds WHD support and they can't get it to work ether.


Have support escalate the ticket up the food chain.