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MARS Need(ed) Women!

Level 9

Well, I guess technically  MARS doesn't need anybody anymore, since Cisco is in the slow process of killing it.

cdn3.jpgCisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (MARS) is a SIEM product, and by many accounts, well-liked.  As early as 2008, however, rumors of trouble in Cisco-MARS-land began to surface.  The actual announcement about End of Sale / End of Life (EOS/EOL) came from Cisco on December 3,2010.  Now, the last date of support is not until June 30, 2016, but most people who were using MARS are actively looking for a replacement. 

Surprise! SolarWinds has a product to replace MARS.   Cisco MARS aficionados – check out a full comparison with  Log and Event Manager (LEM)

Or, if you prefer movies to reading, here's the slide version of the information on MARS and LEM.

As for the famous movie, it was filmed in Texas during a two week period in 1966, and released in 1967, with a title similar to the title of this blog.  Would you believe it was made for only $20K?  The movie, not the blog .