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Looking for a replacement for Quest Patch Manager/Patch Authority Ultimate?

Level 14

Dell recently announced end of support for Quest Patch Manager (formerly ScriptLogic Patch Authority Ultimate) to be effective May 31, 2014.  It’s not surprising as Dell’s acquisition of Quest brought duplicative capabilities for patch management.  Dell provides patch management capabilities (based off software developed by Lumension) as part of its Dell KACE product, which provides a large suite of capabilities from patch management to configuration management to desktop virtualization, service desk and a lot more.

What is surprising about the end of support announcement is there is no mention of migration strategy.  And from what I hear from our sales team, it looks like Quest customers are on their own when it comes to finding a supported patch management solution to replace Quest Patch Manager.  This is also not surprising because going from a point product to a large solution (KACE) might be cost prohibitive from an upgrade and maintenance pricing perspective.

If you are a Quest Patch Manager/Patch Authority Ultimate customer, I invite you to take a look at SolarWinds Patch Manager.  SolarWinds Patch Manager integrates with both WSUS & SCCM.  What customers really like about this offering is its ability to patch at discrete times to support large geographically distributed environments, to automate the patch approval process, its quick delivery of 3rd party update packages and the products function to value ratio (yea, it’s a great bang for your buck). 

See what our customers have to say about SolarWinds Patch Manager or try it free for 30 days in your own environment.

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I'm wondering if someone's compared SW Patch Manager to LANDesk.  Does one have better functionality than the other?  Our Desktop Support team's always interested in a better product, and I'd enjoy hearing about what others are using most successfully.

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