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Linux version of Storage Manager reports as being installed when it actually is not

Level 9


Sometimes files are left behind when uninstalling Storage Manager in Linux, and when re installing on the same server a message is received saying it is already installed.


    • Check the /usr/bin sub directory and verify there are no Storage Manager scripts present. If so, delete them.
    • If you are installing Storage Manager Server, make sure the opts/Storage_Manager_Server directory is gone. If you are installing the Storage Manager Agent software, make sure the opts/Storage_Manager_Agent directory is gone. If it is present, delete it.
    • Go to etc/init.d and make sure storage_manager_server file is not there if you are installing Server. For Storage Manager Agent make sure storage_manager_agent file is not present. If so, delete it.
    • Proceed with reinstalling Storage Manager Agent or Server software.
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Troubleshooting hints are always appreciated.