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Let’s All Give a Warm, Geeky Welcome to our Newest Head Geek! Meet Thomas LaRock

I’m very pleased to announce that Thomas LaRock, AKA sqlrockstar, has joined the Head Geek team. Many of you already know Tom from his work at Confio, where he played a critical part in their rapid growth as the Ignite product Evangelist. He remains in that role for what is now SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) and we’re thrilled to add his expertise to our group.

What makes Thomas such a highly ranked GEEK*?

  • He’s a Microsoft SQL Server Certified Master and six-time Microsoft SQL Server MVP. (He joins Lawrence Garvin as the second Microsoft MVP on the Head Geek team!)
  • He is known as “SQL Rockstar” in SQL circles and on his blog, which he started in 2003.
  • With over 15 years of IT industry experience, he has worked as programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator (DBA), among other roles.
  • He wrote “DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA,” sharing his wisdom and experience with junior- and mid-level DBAs to help them excel in their careers.
  • He is President of the Board of Directors for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), an independent, not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting, educating and promoting the global SQL Server community.

*GEEK: We use this term with all the affection we can muster. Geeks rule. But you knew that, right?

Tom really knows his stuff and he’s great at sharing that knowledge. Seriously, see for yourself on his blog: Oh, and he’s already received his SolarWinds lab coat, has started appearing in SolarWinds Lab episodes, and is writing on Geek Speak. Keep it up, Thomas!

Tom lives in Massachusetts with his family and loves running, basketball and until recently, rugby. He also enjoys cooking and is a film junkie. He earned a Master’s in Mathematics from Washington State, and also loves bacon.

Welcome Thomas!

Twitter: @HeadGeeks, @SQLRockstar

thwack: SQLRockstar

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Level 17

Thanks Patrick, it's wonderful to be here. And I'm not just saying that because of all the bacon. There is bacon, right? I was promised bacon.

About the Author
I'm the Head Geek and technical marketing director at SolarWinds, (which basically means I'm an mature geek in the services of the product team). When I say geek I mean Geek, with extreme prejudice. I started writing assembly on my Apple II, got a BITNET email account in 1984, ran a BBS @ 300 baud, survived X.25, abused Token Ring, got some JavaScript award love in '96, and my hack flight notification service still backs These feats of course made me quite the chick magnet for many years. Along the way in various jobs I’ve been a developer, SE, PM, PMM, and now principal evangelist. (Let us all join hands around the server.) Over 10 years at SolarWinds I’ve hatched our online live demo systems, managed the SolarWinds Certified Professional program, launched the Head Geek program, helmed SolarWinds Lab, and these days I’m focused on Cloud, DevOps and helping IT admins learn the new skills they’ll soon need not just to get ahead, but even maintain their roles. I’m always looking for new and more fiendish ways to use our products- just like our customers. And when I have a few spare minutes I fly a little, when the weather is good.