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It’s Time to Take the Proactive Approach to IT Security

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With targeted security attacks getting increasingly advanced and persistent, businesses have started investing more in procuring the right security technologies to protect them from these new threats. According to Gartner Inc., the global security technology and services market will reach $67.2 billion in 2013, up 8.7% from 2012. The market is expected to grow even higher to over $86 billion by 2016 as companies continue to expand their security infrastructure.

As the technologies used by hackers become more and more sophisticated, IT teams must counter by implementing stronger defense mechanisms that proactively prevent breach attempts and intrusions.

Some of the challenges IT security teams face today include:

  • Gaining and analyzing enough data to detect advanced attacks
  • Identifying patterns of potential risk across diverse data sources for actionable insight
  • Implementing automated incidence responses to proactively counter zero day threats

Increasing Demand for Security Tools

With the increasing demand for implementing more security tools and solutions, organizations have started opening up their wallets more generously—with the intent to get the best bang for their buck. From antivirus software, firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS systems to logging and auditing tools, there’s a growing need to strengthen security and stay protected. This comes with the important consideration to choose the best technology and strategy well before it’s deployed.

Defense-in-Depth ‘SIEM’ Strategy

The guiding principle in a defense-in-depth strategy is that it’s more difficult for an attacker to breach a complex and multi-layered defense system than to penetrate a single barrier. Here’s where Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) can help you build a robust security architecture. SIEM tools provide a holistic view of your organization’s IT security by integrating with all of your security systems, network devices, servers, and workstations to collect log data, correlate them in real time to perform inspection of distinct time and transaction based events, and flag anomalies. SIEM tools enhance IT security by:

SIEM provides the additional layer of defense necessary to combat security breaches.

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) is a full-function SIEM solution that is totally affordable and meets your IT security needs and budget. As organizations start to shell out more money on expensive appliances, you can turn out to be the smarter IT guy and invest in a robust and affordable solution like LEM, and keep your entire IT infrastructure safe and secure!

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Good information.

About the Author
Vinod Mohan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at DataCore Software. He has over a decade of experience in product, technology and solution marketing of IT software and services spanning application performance management, network, systems, virtualization, storage, IT security and IT service management (ITSM). In his current capacity at DataCore, Vinod focuses on communicating the value proposition of software-defined storage to IT teams helping them benefit from infrastructure cost savings, storage efficiency, performance acceleration, and ultimate flexibility for storing and managing data. Prior to DataCore, Vinod held product marketing positions at eG Innovations and SolarWinds, focusing on IT performance monitoring solutions. An avid technology enthusiast, he is a contributing author to many popular sites including APMdigest, VMblog, Cyber Defense Magazine, Citrix Blog, The Hacker News, NetworkDataPedia, IT Briefcase, IT Pro Portal, and more.