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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Level 13

My fellow Head Geek and Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Thomas LaRock, defines hard skills as a tech certification, a college degree, or any tech skill including any vendor- or industry-specific skills. These hard skills represent an achievement or acknowledgement of base expertise at a specific point in time. They are static by nature but represent job security.

Unfortunately, the only constant in IT is that things change over time. And this puts IT pros in a precarious position. Our industry is changing so fast that the skills refresh cycle of IT professionals is shortening to the point where certain certifications earned today may not get you and your career through tomorrow.

So when do you say goodbye to yesterday’s IT? Technology? Company? The answer tends to be, "it depends," which is unsatisfactory, but apropos given the many factors to consider, such as experience, expertise, investment, etc. That’s why it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. How do you mind the gap? Soft skills. Of note, the top three soft skills beyond the tech are communication skills, teamwork, and adaptability, as noted in this THWACKcamp 2017 session. As an IT pro, are you skilled in any of these? How have you gone about improving these soft skills? Let me know in the comment section below.

P.S. Who wore it better? Dez adatole sqlrockstar or me?

Screenshot-2017-10-23 Kong L Yang ( KongYang) Twitter.png


Everything Dez​ does is golden, and she is way prettier that the rest of you.  I vote Dez wore it better.  I sure do like the hats though.   You all rocked it.   kong.yang​ you win for best use of awesome tech with the headphones. 

I see four fun people, having fun.

If I HAD to say it (and I wouldn't), I might say there are two posers, one reality checker, and one cutie.

And you MIGHT be wrong assuming which falls into those labels!

Training, training, training.

And budgeting for training.  Off site, instructor-led.

Followed by testing and certification.


Level 11

If you love what you do it doesn't feel like work..  Have fun and get to know your coworkers.  Have team building exercises, like lunch bowling, creating thwack videos, etc.  Be self motivated to continue your education outside of work, don't wait for your company to pay for your education, invest in yourself. 



Thomas has best creative use of the hat!  IDK if it's just me but I'm not fan of those truck driver hats with the big screen in the back and the billboard on the front!

Level 12

DJ Kong looks ready to drop some heavy beats!

Level 9

I vote for Dez. Just because she is wearing it the right

Level 17

We look like we are about to drop the hottest album of 2017!

Level 12

Solarwinds HeadGeeks drop their new album called ThwackLife.

Level 16

Over my career I have trained many new engineers and in my experience I have found that I can teach a person that has good soft skills new technical skills, but it's very hard to teach a person with poor soft skills anything.....

The most important thing I always looked for in an interview was that the person was a team player.

jeremyxmentzell​ wore it better!  😉


Also, I really enjoyed your session on soft skills during TC. As a manager I cannot stress enough the importance of communication and interpersonal skills for IT professionals. Tech skills are great but it is the "people skills" that will really set you apart from others.

Level 13


Level 8

sqlrockstar ftw xD


Dez FTW!

I'm just going to give sqlrockstar​ props for putting his hat vertical .

Level 15

As time moves forward, it seems everything is speeding up.  Getting and staying current has always been a challenge and it is significantly more important now since solutions pass through their entire lifecycle in some cases faster than we IT people can acquire the appropriate skill sets.  But, we choose an adaptive field and therefore we must focus to be adaptive as well.

I am voting for DEZ since she looked like she was trying to hide behind you.


It's looks like it's either Thomas or Dez that's winning.

Level 14

Unfortunately IT is always evolving and we, as IT professionals, have to evolve too.  I have tons of qualifications in subjects I no longer use and am constantly learning new stuff.  The only thing that keeps me sane (ish) is that I understand the basic principles of fault diagnosis.  The same though process apply no matter what the product.  I just have to learn the wrinkles.


Without a doubt it is Dez​ !

Level 12

So true very hard to do.

Level 15

So true.  As a scientist, we know the Scientific Method done cold, but the subject of investigation is always moving! 


You guys are getting it all confused. Kong asked who wore it better not who looked better wearing it. For that Kong looks the most natural in the hat the way he's wearing it. I vote Kong. But I'd love to spend time with each of them.

Level 21

Maybe it's easier if you don't think about it as saying goodbye to yesterday but instead saying hello to tomorrow.  For me the best part about working in this industry is that there is always something new around the corner.