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IT Pros and Pirates

Level 11

Ah yes, it’s IT Pro Day again – very soon!

Each year, on the third Tuesday of September, we celebrate the unsung heroes of IT. Well, someone did sing, but that’s a different story.

IT Pro Day is certainly more important than Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated just two days later.
Long John Silver would probably disagree, but back in his day, there was no IT on ships, only curved swords.

I can’t think of another job where learning and growing are so essential but rewarding and, at the same time, so straightforward.
Depending on what niche you work in, you can develop your learning path, study, sit an exam, and broaden your horizon while opening new opportunities at work as soon as you start sharing your knowledge.
You’re in full control, and that’s one of the best things ever!

Plus, the convenience of working with at least two screens means there’s always room for a browser game.

Just in case you need to work overtime, while you’re ensuring the background scripts execute correctly. They could never do this without your supervision!

Another perk of working in IT is that you can decorate your desk with pictures of Wookiees and elves and unicorns and sharks with lasers and no one would ever judge.

They wouldn’t understand anyway.

Still, some days drag, like in many other jobs, too.

For example, there might be that person working in accounting who frequently causes trouble with, let’s say, Bitlocker.
As you fixed it for the third time, you wished you could go back to the days of BOFH in the 90s. But unfortunately, that’s not possible.
Close your eyes for a second. Think of pirates.

On that note, do you know the worst thing you could do as an IT pro? Showing up at a random party, having a glass of whatever, and someone asks you, “So, what do you do?”
Whatever you do, DO NOT respond with, “I work with computers.”

I’ve been there. It won’t end well.

Instead, I suggest saying, “I’m a pirate, arrr,” and focus on your drink.

Happy IT Pro Day everyone.

Level 14

My title is unique, in that, it's not actually a I typically tell people I am a Network Admin, or a Sys Admin, or somewhere in between. 

Level 11

Agreed, I work with computers is never a good response.  You end up getting the person saying "Hey, my computer is doings something weird.  How do I fix that?" or some other random vague question you generally don't feel like answering.  I generally answer those with activities I like to do instead, like "I really enjoy mountain biking".

Level 12

I would like sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads on my monitor. Can my cycloptic colleague inform me where to find them?

Level 15

Yea the "I work on computers" never gets you anywhere. Use I'm semi-retired and do some farming.

I try to get organisations I work with to embrace both Talk-Like-A-Pirate day (for charity, of course!), and IT Pro Day. The second always comes across somewhat self serving, I think, but I'm careful to exclude myself from it as I'm usually just a consultant, not a permanent staffer

I remember, at the last place I was a FTE at, I managed to stay in character the whole day. I was managing the team, so I didn't have to take any calls, and it kept them entertained. Never was asking the team if they wanted a coffee more fun than when I could ask "Arr, do any of ye scurvy dogs want some more grog?!"

It's OK to have fun while you work, peeps!

Level 12

Let's see...

My first ever office door name plate, plastic with magnets

Miniature Etch-A-Sketch, no idea where it came from.

Lego knight, again a mystery

The Tick on a car as a wind-up toy

K-9 on rolling wheels who has an electronic voice that says only "Affirmative, Master".

A broken wind-up talking, sparking Godzilla

A rubber ducky, though not the type that floats in ones tub.

The partial remains of a GeekMan "action" figure.

Baby Groot bobble-head

A small whiteboard with orange marker

One each "Dilbert" and "Pearls Before Swine" cartoons cut from a newspaper

A poem my wife wrote to me, adding a new stanza every year on our anniversary

My Boston SWUG name tag and lanyard.

At Halloween/Day of the Dead I also put out a skeleton figure

For Christmas there are the Red and Yellow M+Ms light-up ornaments, a small carousel that plays an out-of-tune version of Silent Night, and a wind-up Santa in a sort-of airboat thingy

For Star Wars day there's a Tie Fighter business card holder with Mickey as Luke, Minnie as Leia, Donald as a stormtrooper, and Darth Goofy

I need to find things for ITPro Day, and for Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Level 13

I agree on with "work with computers" comment, although when I try to tell them what I *really* do they often glaze over very quickly even if I eschew technobabble.  At which point I sometimes say "I work with computers" anyway to let them down easy.

Level 14

I tell people I work in IT.... (it passes)

I told my kids when they were younger, when they asked...............  "When my phone rings in work it's never anyone asking me what I want to do for lunch!"

Level 15

When my phone rings at work its always Solarwinds Sales. I never answer it, the voicemails go back 3 years.

Level 9

Though it's not entirely accurate- I usually tell people I'm an Operations Analyst.  It typically saves me from having to describe what I do- On it's own, it sounds extremely dull.  I think I've only ever had one person actually ask with genuine curiosity what that actually entailed. The only decorations I have at my desk are one extremely deformed side panel from an old PC from "Sledgehammer Day", pictures of my face Photo-shopped onto peaches and a cartoon-y Frankenstein coffee cup.

How do you know pirates exist? They think therefore they arrrrrr!

Level 13

foam idea bulbs!!!!!!