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IT Knowledge to Beard Ratio

I hope you're looking forward to some time off next week, maybe even enough time to start growing that beard you've always wanted.  With that in mind, here are some quick thoughts about beard length in the IT world.    


IT Tools to Grow Your Beard

OK, we can't help you grow your own beard, but we can help you look even smarter at work.  Some of our favorite tools here include:

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If this made your day, feel free to share with a colleague.  I'd also love to read your thoughts or links to similar cartoons in the comments section below.

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Level 15

Humor was appreciated. Thanks!

About the Author
Software architect focusing on security. Spent ten years developing secure file transfer technology then joined SolarWinds as part of the Serv-U acquisition. Left SolarWinds for a full-time architect position in 2013, but continue to work with my partner Andy White on interesting file transfer projects for File Transfer Consulting, LLC, the firm we founded in 2011.